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PTT Keying
« on: 2011-04-20, 14:25:21 »
Please if someone reads this.
Please add an additional PTT Jack, so we(i) can use a Foot Keying device such as a Monacor FS20 or FS30 to PTT.
its ok with a 3.5mm Jack.
Please add that for future Generations.
otherwise you have to drill holes into the case to modify the PTT Keyer and that sucks!
so you are hand-free at the desk and stuff.

Additional Request:
Please use 4 pole 3.5mm Jacks and a Y Adapter Cable with two 3.5mm Jack couplers and at the front a 4 3.5mm Jack plug, so you can use the line out plug for PTT and the Jack simultaneously.

For the CW keyer you could use the same trick but on the 3.5mm mic input.
but i think there are already some USB paddles available maybe.

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