Author Topic: Keyer Setup CW and FSK Question  (Read 273 times)


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Keyer Setup CW and FSK Question
« on: 2022-01-07, 14:00:16 »
I have RRC boxes I intend to use in TS-590S twin configruation.

- I just need to clear out stuff not written to details in manual

COM 2 used for CAT / twin mode control
COM 1 - free - I'd use it as keyer for PTT(RTS) and FSK (TXD) and CW(DTR) but there isn't a note about DTR in manual page 13 and 14 - DTR isn't available then?

As I get it virtual com port on USB on the control side can be adjusted for PTT(RTS) and CW(DTR) keying (Win-test, DXlog or N1MM), and another one COMExtra for FSK (MMTTY or similar...) - and that can be bound to I/O port at the remote side ?
On the page of manual 98 there is screenshot of settings for RADIO I/O - for proper selection of modes for OUT0, OUT1 and OUT2 pins, which is again described on pages 78/79 - my Question is the following:
Since i do not need Keyer PTT option due use of external PTT sequencer (for Radio/ANT Switch/Bevrage Box/Amplifier ...) is the option 2=PTT active both while FSK keying and CW keying ?

Final big question: Can the I/O be adjusted at the radio side (when control side is on USB/PC) for both CW and FSK keying with PTT (no need for delayed keying or tail) without need to reconfigure anything prior to use ?

Small question: I have read on this forum that remote radio can be turned ON/OFF with the help of remoteRig - how is that done in case of TS-590S twin mode ?

Trivial Question : If I don't (as options are not suited for that) manage to key both CW and FSK via I/O - I'll go only CW if that is not possible then I can use transparent port COM 1 with RST/TXD to generate PTT/FSK from remote site to radio site - is that possible - is the RST active and not crossed with CTS on both remote/radio side or is there a jumper inside the board.

Sorry for a lot of questions I would like to make it clear what I need to do.

Description of other things in the shack is OM Power 2000A+ controled with its LAN app and that is also throught BCD outputs controlling antena selection, I have also Webswitch from remoteRig that I intend to use for Bevrage selection (separate antena switch).

Thank You
73 Mirko 9A6KX


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Re: Keyer Setup CW and FSK Question
« Reply #1 on: 2022-01-10, 14:17:39 »
Mirko, while this doesn't answer your question, I originally used the ComExtra for FSK but, with the rise of the FT Modes, I converted over to AFSK.  Since I had already set up the RR units for SSB, adding AFSK and FT4/8 was really already done.  Just something you might consider.   Dennis W1UE