Author Topic: K3 Twins with resistor on mic bias strapping  (Read 266 times)

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K3 Twins with resistor on mic bias strapping
« on: 2022-02-09, 16:15:04 »
I have purchased a preowned set of RRC1258 units that were factory strapped by Flex.  I notice on the Control unit there is a small resistor on the mic bias strap instead of a straight strap and also the J2 Jumper was set to open (9V) instead of the common 8 V position.

I want to use them strapped as Yaesu FT2000 so it will work with the Electric mic I will be using for the Flex 6600.  I changed J2 to provide the 8V mic bias vltg to be provided by the RRC unit.   Should I be using the resistor also or just strap the mic bias as shown in the RRC manual for the FT2000.

Also,  I am "assuming" that the FT2000 is the correct use for  also using cw and mic only to drive the Flex 6600.  No other use for the RRC boxes is intended.
Thanks for any help
Lar  K1UO


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Re: K3 Twins with resistor on mic bias strapping
« Reply #1 on: 2022-02-12, 11:40:29 »

If the mic you intend to use i phantom feed via the mic wire, (which is most common) you only need to have J2 in place.

Yes the settings for FT-2000 will work for flex 6600. You can set Auto connect = yes, then the boxes will connect automatically after power up and stay connected forever

73 de mike