Author Topic: Retevis HK002 Speaker/Mic hack for Remoterig  (Read 149 times)


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Retevis HK002 Speaker/Mic hack for Remoterig
« on: 2022-04-26, 04:53:10 »

About 10 years ago I modified a Baofeng speaker/mic for use with Remoterig and served me well. But because it was a cheap speaker/mic, it has finally fallen apart.

I found this speaker mic made by Retevis model HK002 for Kenwood that works very well, has good audio, and I sound ok. Use in RRC radio settings, Codec inp gain 5 and Codec inp preamp to "Yes".

Attached is the mod I did. Speaker/Mic found on Amazon (Retevis HK002) , and important is to use hot glue to secure crimp, as the cable is thin and can be a bit loose in RJ45 connector.

Use Kenwood wiring for TS-2000, and additional jumper as indicated in image to pass speaker audio to pin 7.