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Local inputs floating?
« on: 2024-06-06, 18:51:31 »
I have had this issue before, but I think I finally found the real issue with my Webswitch 1216H.

The issue presents itself by toggling my local relays ON at seemingly random intervals. The issue affects relay 1 the most, but also affects relay 2 (less often)
I have Input 1 control relay 1 using the Auto Control Program.
I have input 2 control relay 2 using the ACP.
Disabling the ACP resolves the issue, but the obviously I can't control my relays with my switches.

For the purpose of troubleshooting, I disconnected the wiring connected to IN1, 0V and IN2. I then refreshed the inputs-page on the webserver and I can see that inputs are toggling between HIGH and LOW very frequently, almost on every refresh.

Measuring with a digital multimeter between IN1 and 0V I get 15,2VDC
Measuring with a digital multimeter between IN2 and 0V I get 15,4VDC

I can't see any fluctuation in the voltage while measuring, voltage seems stable, but I understand the my DMM wouldn't pick up short voltage drops.

I conducted the tests again with wiring to the switches in place this time, and I can see that toggling the switches indeed pulls the inputs from 15V to 0V (and back to 15V again since my switches pulse the inputs"

What voltage is expected on the inputs?
Could this be a software glitch? See my posts from a few years back:;area=showposts;u=2852

Sys info:

Company   Microbit
Product   1216H WebSwitch
Model   HOME Extended
Software   4.115
Hardware   2
Bootloader   1.10
Build   Jun 4 2024 08:10:49
Uptime   0 Days, 0 Hours, 25 Mins, 4 Secs
IP address   REDACTED
Gateway   REDACTED
Web server   REDACTED
Max available memory   12501
Sun state   Rises 6:55
Sets 19:02
Day length 12:07
Civil   Rises 6:32 Sets 19:23 Day length 12:51
Nautical   Rises 6:06 Sets 19:50 Day length 13:44
Astronomical   Rises 5:40 Sets 20:17 Day length 14:37
DNS status   OK, =
Dynamic DNS status   Inactive
NTP status   OK, next sync in 19458 secs (Tx 1406 Rx 1406)
Ping status (watchdog)   Off
Active profile   Default
Last WD Reset   9
TCP Error counter   2719011202
Webserver   1
k-thermocouple   thermocouple