Author Topic: Profile change issues when traveling  (Read 4026 times)


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Profile change issues when traveling
« on: 2011-08-02, 17:18:15 »
I now have a portable RRC + TS-480 head in a small case that I have been using during
some vacation and portable operation. I have noticed two issues and have a suggestion
to fix them:

1) If you book your PC and RRC separately into a local network, either through Ethernet or
   wireless connections (RRC using a bridge), then sometimes the networks do not allow
   peer-to-peer communications between these two network clients for security reasons.
   This means that you not only can not access the web-based menus to change RRC
   settings, but are unable to change between your profiles for target remote stations.

2) When you are in a location with a fixed IP number, you can easily change this by using
   the Setup Manager via USB cable. Unfortunately, this also changes the RRC back to the
   "default" profile, and at that point it may not be possible to change to the correct profile
   if you have network issues like in 1) above. I noticed that in some cases, since changing
   to a fixed IP number does not allow you to set a DNS server, that this was the cause of not
   being able to reach the RRC.

Suggested fix: just add the ability to make profile changes to the Setup Manager. At the
same time, maybe you can add the ability to manually enter a DNS server address when entering
a fixed IP number.

Not critical stuff, but sure would make life easier for us traveling with RRC's and using multiple remote stations.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

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Re: Profile change issues when traveling
« Reply #1 on: 2011-08-18, 10:30:29 »
Good suggestions! Will look into how to implement them  :)
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