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Omni VII
« on: 2011-10-01, 02:47:43 »
I'm looking for help in connecting my pair of RRC 1258 modems to my Omni VII as there isn't much info on using these modems with Ten Tec radio's.

I've programmed my modems along the lines of a Yaesu (Mode 3) with some changes suggested by Mikael.

The problem I am having at the moment is connecting my control modem to my laptop and then to the remote. I think I have the right data in but I can't get the modem to send data out to the remote. I am using N4PY's control program which I have used before to control my OMNI VII.

I am using a USB cable to the mini USB port on the modem and I have the option to do that activated in the program on the COM2 page. I have the right vitual COM port highlighted in the N4PY program so I assume the USB connection should be programmed properly.

At this point I'm lost!!

Thanks for your help!