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Begining setup questions
« on: 2011-10-07, 17:29:05 »
Hi all.

Yesterday I ordered the RR setup and it should arrive today.  Last night I started with some of the router setup but have a couple questions:

1.  I registered my dyndns name using my home router's external IP.  Is that correct?  Or should I have used the radio RRC IP?

2.  I know I have to use the setup tool to change the RRC units IP addresses to and 228 vice the default.  I set the DMZ server to which should be correct and I used that same IP for all the port forwarding settings.  When I got to the web forwarding port the default was 80 but I had a conflict.  I found that my readyshare USB storage was using port 80.  I disabled that and then was able to use port 80 in the router setup.

3.  Turned off the SIP/ALG option.

4.  Should I turn on the ability for remote control of the router settings?  Can you think of anything else I need to setup on the router beforehand?

When I try to access the router using the dyndns name in the browser it asks for a username and password.  Which is it referring to?  The router username/PW or the one setup for the dyndns service?  I tried both but neither let me access the router.  Is there another setting in the router that needs to be enabled to allow this?

I plan to use the netgear 2001 wireless ethernet adapter.  I want to use this so I don't have to mess with more cables while operating from my house (shack is in another building) and then I can reset the adapter if I want to operate from some other location using my phones wifi tether.

Am I on the right track here or fatally flawed?  :)

Thanks and 73
Greg - AB7R


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Re: Begining setup questions
« Reply #1 on: 2011-10-07, 17:40:52 »
Hi Greg,

Send me an e-mail to dj0qn (at) and I will make you a check list to use for your set-up.
It should answer most of your questions.

I do consider it important to be able to access both your radio RRC and router remotely. This means
that the RRC should use a different web port than the standard 80.

You should put the DynDNS into either the router or the RRC, but not both! If you do use the RRC, then
change the default 10 minutes to 24 hours, otherwise the service locks-up (unless you have a paid account).
The router is better, since it only updates DynDNS if the IP number actually changes.

If you enter the DynDNS address into your browser, it gives you whatever in your network responds. All the
DynDNS address does is to point you to the correct IP address.

The Netgear adapter works great.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


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Re: Begining setup questions
« Reply #2 on: 2011-10-11, 06:24:45 »
I want to extend a big thanks to Mitch. 

He sent me a checklist that was a huge help and spent quite some time trying to help me troubleshoot why even though I could connect the two remote rigs I could not get any software to connect to the USB com ports.

I sent Mitch a bunch of screenshots but it all looked to be correct.

When looking through my device manager settings I saw that I had an instance of n8vb virtual com port but  was not being used by anything.  I uninstalled it and the remoterig ports came to life.  I now have control and nice audio too.

I also tried connecting through my phones hotspot.  This worked just OK since where I live I don't have 4g service.  But it did work.

Then I decided to get creative and connected the USB com port to LP Bridge so I could connect multiple programs remotely.  It worked perfectly!

Thanks again Mitch!