Generic ICOM CI-V (mode=1)
(updated 2009-03-10)

RRC-1258 also supports the CI-V protocol used by almost every ICOM radio. Then you have to use a PC-software ex. HamRadioDeLuxe or a similar rig control software at the control site. All audio and data communication goes true the RRC:s so you don't have to worry about the audio quality. No more problems with soundcards and Skype etc. And most important, you don't need a PC at the remote site.


RRC-1258 connected to my IC-7400







Here I use HamRadioDeluxe as rig control software.









Cable from RRC-1258 to ICOM Radios

Keep the cable from RRC to radio short. Use shielded mic cable. The mic signal is sensitive of HF from antennas etc as usual.

Link to printer friendly drawing =>

Cable from Mic/Speaker/PC to RRC

I made a cable to connect a HM-103 Mic with RJ-45 connector, 3.5 mm connector for speaker or headset and a standard RS232 cable to PC:s com port. To make a more permanent installation it's possible to mount the 8 pin circular mic connector (often used by ICOM) an a Speaker/Headphone connector on the front of the RRC. Down below is also a drawing describing the use of a HM-36 connector.

Printer friendly drawing for Mic:s with circular connector =>

Printer friendly drawing for Mic:s with RJ-45 connector =>

When you have finished the cable production always test them with the 2xRJ-45 extender before connecting them to the RRC:s. Drawing 2xRJ-45



The web interface is used to connect or disconnect from/to the remote site. The Disconnect/Connect feature is placed on the status page.