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Hi all,

I let the RC1216H as mentioned and all working the right way.

Bst 73


If anybody in the future finds himself in a similar scenario, the SDA-100 came with the Mustang firmware and all worked flawlessly.

It's to be mentioned that in my case: "the firmware in the the SDA-100 shows 99 on the lower right of the display when turning on the SDA-100".

Bst 73

Hi Mitch, thank you very much. Yes, I catch the idea.

I'm using COM1 to control the antenna rotor.

I'd say that the easy way to go is just using the RC1216H for the SteppIR remote control, as planned.

So DATA IN for CAT sync with the Y cable and DATA OUT for settings control with the RC1216H.

Well, I'll let you know how I finally leave all this setup.

Tks & 73

General discussion forum / SteppIR, RRC1258's and RC1216H
« on: 2019-03-04, 09:33:08 »
Hi OM's,

In my current remote setup, I've got an SteppIR, a TS2000, a RRC1258 and a PC.

I use the SteppIR Y-cable which is connected to the RRC1258, the TS2000 and the DATA IN on the SteppIR controller. Then, the controller DATA OUT is connected to the PC. This way, if something goes wrong on the SteppIR, I could open a VNC connection to the computer and, through the VCP control software from N8LP, I could do a calibrate if necessary.

Somehow, the VCP control software stopped to work. As anyway I wanted to get rid of the computer, I thought that a RC1216H would be a nice addition.

Reading the RC1216H manual I can see the wiring instructions. But these doesn't show the case where you've got an RRC1258 on the setup.

As per my understanding, the only thing I have to do is to connect the RC1216H where I currently have the PC, isn't it? So I just let the Y-cable exactly as it is and I connect the RC1216H to the Steppir controller DATA OUT port.

Can anybody confirm this to me?

Tks & bst 73 from Daniel, EA3GEO

Dear OM's,

I need to update the way I'm remotely controlling my SteppIR 3-ele antenna and I'm planning to purchase an SDA100 controller and a RC-1216H.

I've seen that SteppIR is releasing now those controllers with some new firmware called Mustang.

Will the RC-1216H work with SDA100's with this new firmware?

Tks & 73 from EA3GEO, Daniel

Fixed! Thank you Mike!

Yes, it was the RTP-TX. When changed to continuous, this worked at first attempt.

Isn't that weird that all was working fine in SSB phone but not at all in digital modes?

In any case, thank you to both, Mitch and Mike, for your assistance.

73 from EA3GEO, Daniel

Well, still in the mess in here...

New tests done:

-Direct cable from speaker out to RJ45 AUX/Mic in RRC (tests with both iMic OUT and speaker jack from PC): The same.

-Tests with a diferent computer: The same!

To summarize, is like if you were in phone SSB, you pressed the micro and you stay silent: PTT is on (I can see that in the RC2000) but no ALC/Mic level at all.

If I disconnect the AUX/Mic input to the RRC and I connect that to an external speaker, I can hear the signal sent by WSJT-X...

Well, right now, I don't know what to do. I better go to sleep...  :)

Hi Mitch, thank you. I really appreciate your help.

I have in fact a USB sound card, this is an iMic. The out can be selected to be LINE or MIC. I started first doing my tests with that one. But when I saw there wasn't results I switched to use the direct PC soundcard.

I have now make a check: I have put an speaker to the OUT jack in the iMic and if I press the tune option in WSJT-X I can clearly hear the tone. It's very very puzzling.

In normal phone operation, with the original Kenwood microphone, this works perfect.

It could be (it should be) the cable I did. But I don't see my mistake there. The head of the jack goes to 1 and the ground goes to 7. I didn't connect any other cable, just these two.

I'm thinking on doing a direct cable to the RJ45 connector (???).

I'll let you know. Thanks!!

73 de EA3GEO, Daniel

Dear OM's,

I'm blocked in something that should be easy but I don't find what it is.

I've got my pair of RRC-1258 with a TS2000 on the radio side and the RC2000 on the control side. All built as per the instructions. All working perfectly after many years. With standard phone SSB all goes well.

I was wondering if FT8 could be worked remotely (not sure due to the sync time requirements) and I decided to go the easy way: An standard stereo cable from the RRC speaker to mic input in the PC and I produced a cable from the computer speaker to the MJ-88 Kenwood cable used for the AUX/Mic RRC port.

The cable I produced is very simple: A 3,5 mm mono jack with the live microphone line to pin 1 and ground microphone to pin 7.

The result is fine FT8 reception but no mic level at all, so no TX. There is no ALC reading in the radio.

I don't see where's my mistake.

Any ideas???


iPhone App / Re: First 1.0 beta released
« on: 2013-02-14, 00:26:31 »
An iPhone/iPad application for the RRC's would be a killer solution.
I'd buy RemoteRig shares!!! ;)

Hi Mitch,

Done! You were right! It was a so simple thing as adjusting the volume controls of the Windows audio.

Quite ridiculous, I must admit. I didn't understand how this worked and I choosed the complicated way!

Now I've got to play a bit more with levels since it seems that I need some more level in the speaker, but
I'll find out.

Thank you Mitch for your assistance.

73 ES GD DX DE EA3GEO, Daniel


Thanks Mitch for your answer.

Maybe I'm confused on the way I look at this.

I understand the RRC micro as a device that connects to the remote RRC and that "translates" the digital signal it gets from
there to an analog signal on the dongle. That signal is identified (to me) as "Microbit 1274A".

From the way I understand this, if I want that signal "injected" to MixW or DM780 then I've got two possibilities.

The first one would be making physical cables from the dongle to the computer soundcard (and this I don't like).

The second one would be creating these Virtual Audio Cables that "digitally repeat" what they hear on the dongle output and send to the treatment program you want (MixW/DM780). A second virtual cable would take the signal generated from DM780 and send it to the dongle input (mic) and from there through the internet to the remote site.

Maybe I'm confused on the way it really works but, but...

i. The Virtual Cable 1 (VAC1) it works fine for me (but not VAC2).
ii. If I try to use Microbit 1274A in both speaker and mic (this is the USB audio that the dongle generates) then I don't have any result. Just zero. No signal.

How you do that?
Have you this system working?

Tks for your help!

73 ES GD DX DE EA3GEO, Daniel

Just an update:

The VAC control panel allows to check a "Volume Control" box.

I did it and now the error message has changed to "GetMuteControl() failed".

I'm trying to find out, around all these parameters, how to resolve this...


Dear OM's,

I'm trying to setup the Micro-PC dongle to use it with MixW or HRD DM780's.

My initial thinking was to use Virtual Audio Cable from Eugene Muzychenko that should work fine.

And it does partially: fine Rx but no Tx and this is because something goes wrong on the setup and I don't know why.

Here's what I do:

I create 2 virtual cables in VAC
In the RRC setup I choose VAC1 as speaker and VAC2 as microphone

This causes the following error message related to VAC2:

Couldn't open sound device Virtual Cable 2
(and, well, a large message with a "GetVolumeControl failed" among other strange texts)

If I change the microphone to Microbit then it works fine but for sure I've got my Tx signal in the dongle microphone
and I don't want that. I don't want a physical cable doing a loop back to the computer soundcard. I rather would like
to have a VAC2 injecting that signal by software to the dongle.

On the other side, VAC1 works fine with superb reception results and no physical cables: for sure I could do also that
on the Tx side, couldn't I?

Has somebody tried and resolved this question?

Tks & 73 from Daniel, EA3GEO

General discussion / Re: Com1 & Com2 sometime
« on: 2011-12-26, 01:37:39 »
Hello all,

My mistake!

I didn't have the "latest software versions": I didn't have the latest PC-Client 1.4.0 and the
update has worked for me!

Both setups, RRC's and RRC-Micro are working fine now.

My only concern is that I've got it working in Mode-1 char-by-char (avoid this, you know):
I wasn't able to make it work in other modes. Mode 3 seems to be for Yaesu now and
Mode 5 didn't work for me.

If I'm not wrong, char-by-char is quite bandwidth consuming, isn't it? I really would like to
see an user-defined mode working right.

In any case, this works now: tks for the efforts!

73 ES GD DX DE EA3GEO, Daniel

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