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General discussion forum / Re: NANO APP ANDROID FOR KENWOOD
« on: 2017-11-13, 20:39:56 »
Thanks for new reply.
Have tried several different settings in app, due to jitter buffer size and jitter delay. The ports are the same as in RRC.
Have also updated RRC to the latest firmware.
Band switch still out of function.
But i can change band via the freq setting. I can sett the frew manually and than turn the VFO.
Than put in a new freq on another band and again turn the VFO.
It's ok in this way. not going to spend too much time trying to figure this out.
This will never be the main way to run the raido remotely.
But, it is very comfortable to have the possibillity.
Thanks for your cooperation.  :D

73 de Per LA4ESA

General discussion forum / Re: NANO APP ANDROID FOR KENWOOD
« on: 2017-11-13, 09:37:55 »
Thanks for reply.
COM 2 are beeing used. The settings are as follows:

COM2 mode: mode-4, Kenwood, Yaesu, Elecraft
COM baudrate: 9600
COM2 data bits: 8
COM 2 stop bits: 1
COM2 parity: 0-off
COM2 terminator: 00

COM baudrate in radio are also : 9600

73 de Per LA4ESA

General discussion forum / Re: NANO APP ANDROID FOR KENWOOD
« on: 2017-11-12, 09:52:50 »
Sorry, wrong answer. Yes, i have installed tha CAT cable. APP is doing nice on RX/TX, but the  freq, i have to put it in by my self in the freq area. It does not appear when i "connect" the system. And, band changing is not working. But no problem having QSO.
And ofcourse i could accept it like this, but there is something wrong because thoose two details is "out of function" so to speak.
The internet quality at radio end is quit good, download/upload have variations, but normaly like this: down appr. 5-7 and up appr. 3-4 Mbps.
The internet speed through my android phone while i tested the system, was download appr. 3Mbps and upload appr. 1Mbps
I don't think the problem is the quality on the internet system.


General discussion forum / NANO APP ANDROID FOR KENWOOD
« on: 2017-11-11, 16:16:51 »
Just installed the nano app for Kenwood, to my TS590S and bought the license, it is up going.
But it is not possible to change band or use the VFO properly.
The freq. is not appearing, but if i "click" the freq area and write the freq in the new window after the "click"
But, the freq is not "following" when i turn the VFO.
Anyone having some ideas for how to solve this??

General discussion forum / Re: RRC MICRO PC CLIENT
« on: 2017-10-19, 07:34:02 »
Thanks for reply, password issue fixed!!.
And software doing nice!!!

General discussion forum / RRC MICRO PC CLIENT
« on: 2017-10-18, 16:34:06 »
I am running daily my remote system, with the RRC 1258MkII and my Kenwood TS590S.
Now testing the software for PC client, concidering to by that product.
As hostname in my system i use Dyn DNS adress and are familiar with that system.
Have configured the PC client software in trial version, trying to connect but return message is:
"Password not accepted"
I assume it means the Dyn DNS password.
Anyone having some suggests on what i might have done wrong??

Helli Willi.

All are working 100% at my system now.
Thanks for all help.
Worked nice in my internal network,  connected the RRC radio unit to the "external" network and worked nice there as well.
Using the RS232/USB. work's also with minUSB/USB.
Works in both softwares, HRD and Kenwood ARCP.
Using the setup you sent me.
Thanks again.
Looking forward to pack things together and drive to the cottage for configuration up there.

73 de Per LA4ESA

Forgot to mention, JMP3 are in place at COM2 in both RRC.......


Hi willi

Thanks for reply.
Now, i have tested almost "everything". Ports are opened in the modem at the radio end, DynDNS  are configurated and works well.
At the radio end, i have a modem/internet connection with the following speed: download 15-25 Mbit/s, upload 1 - 2 Mbit/s.
I have tried the RS232/USB cable, (FTDI chip) comes up with COM port 6. Have also tried USB/USB, comes upp with all the installed virtual COM ports; 11, 12, 13 (extra), 14. All ports with baudrate 9600. Same baudrate in radio and on COM2 in borth RRC .
When i try HRD for connectio, i set the TS-590 - baudrate 9600 - COM 6 or one of the other COM ports mentioned above.. With or without CTS - RTS. No connection.
If i try to connect via the ARCP 590. V.2.02, i get this error: "Unknown device is connected to COM:XX, or Baudrate setting of this software is not correct"
In the control RRC i have set: "Use USB comport as comport 2: YES"

You maby wonder why do i not set up the both TS-590S as TWIN, the reason is that i would like to use the RADIO END as a listening station and the station at my control end (home QTH) as a transmit station. Thats because i have more power to use at my home QTH, and my remote QTH is more "quiet" . Noise level lower.

Do you have any idea what i could have done wrong or maby not done at all????

JMP3 are in place at COM2 in both RRC.

73 de Per

Thanks Mitch, for your info. I will store this for later use.
A have all cables from Microbit, to use both Twin solution and the "single" solution with the TS-590S
As project 1 i would like to test the system where i use the TS-590S at the radio end only.
And then at the control end, for example control the rig via HRD or ARCP.
Both RRC's are set for this function, according to the manual.
At the control end i have Microbit RS232 cable connected to COM port 2 at the RRC, since i do not have a RS232 COM port in my desktop computer, i have connected the RS232 cable to a RS232/USB cable with the FTDI chip installed.
Therefore i get a serial COM port in my computer. I have tried, in the ARCP software and HRD as well, to connect simply via the COM port connection in the software. Hopefully this is understandable.
But, nothing happends.
I have to start all over again, step by step and see what happends.
Thanks again for your info.
73 de Per

Hi Willi
Thanks for reply.
Actually i have been reading the manual several times, on this subject.
I do know HRD can be used, i am also familiar with the ARCP from Kenwood.
But so far, i have not figured out from anywhere, how to set up HRD or the ARCP.
But i'l beleive i will :-)

73 Per

General discussion forum / KENWOOD TS-590 - HAM RADIO DELUXE
« on: 2017-05-04, 21:23:08 »
I am struggeling with the option to remote control my TS-590 over the internett, via Ham Radio Deluxe.
Setting up the both RRC is not complicated, but i'm not able to figure out how to set up Ham Radio Deluxe rig control, to  control the remote station.
anyone here who happends to know how???


Thanks again. I look forward to start the project when i receive cables from you and the xtra TS-590 will be picked up on wednesday.
Have a nice day.


Thanks again for quick reply, but do i still need the RS232/USB with the FTDI chip??
So far i have not found the product in any store in Norway.

Ok on that, thank you.
Cables are ordered from your webshop.
At the control end, i would like to read SWR etc through HamRadioDeluxe. I suppose i have to connect RRC control unit to my computer through the COM2 port on the RRC and then the COM1 port to the radio at the control end.
But, my computer does not have a RS232 COM port, only lots of USB ports.
Do you have any suggestions of the best RS232/USB cable to use???
Or can i use anyone at the nearest Kjell&co store?? with male RS232 to USB???

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