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I am using the following remote equipment:

Radio end: TS590S, RRC1258MkII, wired network, signals to modem delivered with fiber, speed 50/50
Control end: HP Prodesk with Windows 11, ARCP-590 V.2.02 as rig control, RRC1258MkII connected with USB and configured with USB comport as COM2, wired network, signals to modem delivered with fiber, speed 500/500
The equipment has been used with this setup for a long time and has worked excellently.
Suddenly when connected in the normal way; First i establish contact with RRC-1258MkII in radio end and power up the unit.
Second in remote end, i open the ARCP-590 rig control software and expect as normal, contact to be established to the USB COM port, as normal. This does not happen.
This message appear:

"Unknown device is connected to COM X. Or baudrate settings of this software is not correct"

I have not configured any changes since last time i used the equipment and it has been used like this for a very long time of period.
I have tried to update COM port drivers, The connection between RRC units in both ends are ok,
I have the latest firmware in both RRC units.
I have the latest and correct ARCP-590 software.

HEEEELP!!! Anyone who have experiance with the same problem???

73 de

Bruker følgende utstyr til remote.:
Radioende: TS590S, RRC1258MkII, kablet nettverk, signaler inn til modem leveres med fiber, hastighet 50/50
Kontrol ende: HP Prodesk med Windows 11, ARCP-590 som rigkontrol, RRC1258MkII tilkoblet med USB og konfigurert med USB comport som COM2, kablet nettverk, signaler inn til modem leveres med fiber, hastighet 500/500
Utstyret er brukt med dette oppsettet over lang tid og har fungert utmerket.
Plutselig ved tilkobling på normal måte; kobler utstyr i radioende til strøm, åpner ARCP590 i kontroll ende, men denne feilmeldingen kommer opp:
"Unknown device is connected to COM 10. Or baudrate settings of this software is not correct"
Det er ikke gjort endringer på oppsettet før denne meldingen kom opp.
Noen tips til meg???

Per Fredriksen, LA4ESA

General discussion forum / RRC unit i low temperatures
« on: 2022-01-02, 12:49:08 »
Happy new year everyone.
I have my radio end RRC-1258 placed in a side building at my cottage. I have a small heater on, which i would like to switch off.
That means, caused by bad insulation in the tiny litte shack, that temperature indoor will be approx the same as outdoor. Can result in -10-15 degrades celsius.
Questions: can i leave it there or should i dismantle the box from the shelfe and bring it home for the rest of the winter season???

73 de Per LA4ESA

« on: 2020-10-10, 15:58:23 »
I have established static external IP adress in my network at radio end. How do i configure static IP adress in the control unit instead of DYNDNS adress.
Anyone who know??


General discussion forum / NANO APP ANDROID FOR KENWOOD
« on: 2017-11-11, 16:16:51 »
Just installed the nano app for Kenwood, to my TS590S and bought the license, it is up going.
But it is not possible to change band or use the VFO properly.
The freq. is not appearing, but if i "click" the freq area and write the freq in the new window after the "click"
But, the freq is not "following" when i turn the VFO.
Anyone having some ideas for how to solve this??

General discussion forum / RRC MICRO PC CLIENT
« on: 2017-10-18, 16:34:06 »
I am running daily my remote system, with the RRC 1258MkII and my Kenwood TS590S.
Now testing the software for PC client, concidering to by that product.
As hostname in my system i use Dyn DNS adress and are familiar with that system.
Have configured the PC client software in trial version, trying to connect but return message is:
"Password not accepted"
I assume it means the Dyn DNS password.
Anyone having some suggests on what i might have done wrong??

General discussion forum / KENWOOD TS-590 - HAM RADIO DELUXE
« on: 2017-05-04, 21:23:08 »
I am struggeling with the option to remote control my TS-590 over the internett, via Ham Radio Deluxe.
Setting up the both RRC is not complicated, but i'm not able to figure out how to set up Ham Radio Deluxe rig control, to  control the remote station.
anyone here who happends to know how???


I am concidering to by another Kenwood TS-590s, which means i will have one TS-590S at the radio end and one at the control end.
I do have the two boxes, RRC-1258 MkII.
I do also have the cables for running remotely ONE TS-590S.
The question is: can i use the same cables to run TS-590S in the TWIN solution??
The cables i have are called:
1258-K12A13A 75. Kenwood mic adapter cables
1258-CAT-2m  77. CAT cable 2m PC to RRC
1258-CAT-YK  79. Kenwood, Yaesu CAT cable K15c, Y6c. Radio RRC to Kenwood/Yaesu

General discussion forum / KENWOOD TS-570
« on: 2016-09-10, 17:00:44 »
Is it possible to use Kenwood TS-570 with the RRC units in both ends?
Or even better;  with TS-570 in radio end and TS-590S at the control end?

Configuration, RRC 1258 / YAESU FT857 PTT NOT WORKING
« on: 2016-07-05, 10:08:32 »
Everything seems works nice in local network, as well in two different networks. But, the PTT does not work at all.
Either in local network or in two different networks.
Have tried several adjustings with jitteer buffer size and jitter delay, withour result.
The mic cable i made are tested and is ok. Nothing wrong with the mic, tested direct connected to radio, works nice.
The wiring inside both RRC are checked and tested with ohm meater, all ok.
Anyone with a good idea???

Configuration, RRC 1258 / YAESU FT857 SWITCH ON/OFF
« on: 2016-07-04, 11:03:16 »
I have RRC 1258MkII V.7
Connected to Yaesu FT-857.
I have followed the user manual in detail, all settings and configuration.
The RRC and the radio part does not have the same power supply.
But, no reaction when pushing the on/of button on controll unit.
The radio does not switch on.
All IP settings checked through several times, i use DYNDNS, everything ok with DDNS.
The ip adress in DDNS server is ok. :-\

General discussion forum / RRC MICRO PC CLIENT
« on: 2016-07-03, 16:07:28 »
I have 2 x RRC boxes RRC 1258MkII V.7.
I would like to setup my Kenwood TS-590S remotely with the RRC MICRO PC CLIENT, and use the Kenwood software ARCP 590, is that possible??
I assume that solution would be the one and only in my case?
If the ARCP 590 is not compatible on this system i'm very familiar with HRD.

General discussion forum / WEBSWITCH 1216E
« on: 2016-06-26, 12:26:30 »
I have the webswitch 1216E SN 1261 rev:1.1. Is it possible to update this one with the latest firmware to webswitch 1216H ??

General discussion forum / RRC- NANO
« on: 2014-11-12, 14:36:29 »
This new product of yours, would absolutely be of interest.
But, first when it will be available with Iphone/Ipad, can you confirm this will also be a solution??
What would be the price of 1 unit RRC for radio end?

73 de Per LA4ESA

Allmänt diskussionsforum / TS480SAT - RRC1258mKII
« on: 2014-02-16, 14:45:41 »
Følgende problemstilling:
Jeg har koblet opp RRC i lokalt nettverk.
Kabler RRC til radio er kontrollert og er ok.
Kabler RRC til kontroll/display er kontrollert og ok.
Når radio er slått på og jeg trykker PTT på mikrofonen, sendes det ut en bærebølge, i full effekt og sending i SSB mode går ikke gjennom.
Hvis jeg kobler fra RRC boksene og kobler display direkte til radio, oppstår ikke dette problemet.
Jeg har forsøkt å koble på jord-kabel til RRC bokser og radio, men det løser ikke problemet.
Jeg har heller ikke HF problemer på annet radio-utstyr, med samme antenne.
Kan dette skyldes feil innstillinger i RRC bokser?
Har noen der ute opplevd samme problem og funnet en løsning???

73 de Per LA4ESA

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