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General discussion / Re: Com1 & Com2 sometime
« on: 2011-12-26, 00:46:05 »
Hello all,

I've been following the thread: I've got a similar situation here.

I've got the setup (Pro.Sis.Tel and a TS-2000) perfectly working with the pair of RRC's but
I'm having the same issues with the RRC-micro, this is to say no problem with the TS-2000
connection but no way with the Pro.Sis.Tel.

In my case I've got to say that this has worked well in the past. When this stopped to work?
I don't know...

FYI, I've tried mode 3, mode 1 and mode 5.
The one that works for me with the pair of RRC's is mode 3.
I've also tried with rts/cts in "yes" and "no", just to see things. With the RRC's I've got it to "No".
I'm running the latest software versions in all sides.

And it's quite amazing: when I try to make the connection to the rotor I get the rotor application
freezed! It freezes both Rotator from HRD and also the Rotor Control from N1MM.

It's quite strange and, in fact, I don't know how to proceed: I guess that going back to earlier soft
versions would help (this was working some months ago!!) but I feel quite lazy to make the check...

Your help will be highly appreciated!!

Tks & 73 and please have nice Christmas and HNY 2012!!

Daniel, EA3GEO

General discussion forum / For SteppIR users
« on: 2010-11-08, 01:31:21 »
Hi OM's,

My setup includes a TS-2000, and SteppIR 3L and a RC-2000 remote head at the control side.

I've installed this weekend the RC-2000 remote head and I was previously using the RRC on with Kenwood mode 4 and that was ok with the "general" mode of use of the SteppIR antenna: I mean that mode where the SteppIR controller changes, ifself (all alone) the frequency when you change the frequency of the transceiver.

But now, with the use of the remote head, this no longer works. And I think it should. Or at least I'm sure there's the way!

So I have now the RRC's working on TS-2000 mode, with the remote head working ok but I haven't succeed on having the SteppIR controller automaticaly changing the frequency when I change the frequency on the remote head.

I have connected the COM port of the TS-2000, through the "Y cable" to the controller and the PC. Here's probably my mistake. Do I had to connect that to the RRC COM2 port instead to the PC? But how? How I do say to the controller that he's to read the RRC COM2 port?

By another hand, I'd love to have that "alternative PC control" (that was my intention). So, someway, having the controller reading the frequency from the radio COM port and, also, having an alternative control of the radio through a classic PC COM port (maybe by a VNC session).

So, in a brief, how you the people owning a TS-2000 with a remote head and the pair of RRC does the SteppIR control?

Any advise will be highly appreciated!!

Tks & 73 from Daniel, EA3GEO

Hi Lars and rest of OM's,

Have been all week out and I've found now the answer from SM3CCM: that's right! I'm on the air again!

My only comment is that I had to change COM2 serial settings in both the control and the radio side.

That's working fine now.

Lars: how did you guess that?!

I think that RRC's are a terrific product. I'm really in love with it. But "communication" or, say, "instructions" are an "opportunity to improve" (as a customer from me likes to say).


Tks & Bst 73!!

Hi OM's,

I've been the last two days puzzled here around a connection problem with my remote TS-2000. That's driving me crazy!

I've got a proper connection between both two RRC's with a "connected/transferring" SIP status.

I even have a complete connection to a ProSisTel rotor through the COM1 front connector. I mean I'm able to remote control a ProSisTel rotor at the radio site.

But, when trying to connect to TS-2000 through HRD, no way!! Always HRD refuses to make the connection.

I've got that fatal message: "TS-2000, COM5, 9600, Failed to read frequency".

I've tried different com ports, different baud rates, all the possible combinations of CTS, DTR, RTS...

Let me say I've been working ok the last months. I don't know how this has started. I can only say I upgraded to firmware 2.26 at both sides. I have revised all the data and magnitudes 100 times...

Today, I've been on the radio side and I've checked a direct HRD connection and it has worked.

I also have checked with other programs at the control side here: TRX, ARCS. No result!

Has somebody experienced something similar?
Any idea?
Maybe is there something wrong with the unit?? How could I check it!?

One more information: I also have a RRC-Micro PC-Client and I've got the same situation...

Tks & 73!

EA3GEO, Daniel


General discussion forum / Re: Software control side
« on: 2010-03-15, 14:11:45 »
Hi there!

I've read this post with much interest.

If that could be done, the product would be really unbeatable...

I wonder if a "double set" could be configured:

I mean the RRC connected to the radio and, at the same time, the radio also connected
to a PC, via the RS232 radio port, and the audio cables to the sound card in a way that
we could either use the RRC (as it has to be!) or accessing the radio and its PC via HRD
remote working then with Skype when in the hotel or the airport without the RRC.

That could be the case of a TS-2000 with the remote head connector and a RS-232 port?

I don't know if I have explained well myself...

73 ES GD DX DE EA3GEO, Daniel

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