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Thank you both for the replys, but I verified windows sound is as it should be and the rigs volume is up.

I will look further

General discussion / Micro RRC client trial no receive audio
« on: 2018-02-23, 18:58:22 »
I downloaded the trial and can connect successfully to the remote but hear no receive audio on my PC
RTP is Green
RRC is flashing

the bar under default moves green left to right
the speaker bar is static at 25% i can drag slider volume but no effect
my setup works great with the control  so network is good

thank you yes I purchased the Yaesu ct62 just to be sure

I am thinking of replacing my alinco with  my ft857 for remote control because I cannot cat the alinco.

my question is after reading the posts in the forum I see to use comm 2 on the radio end and plug the 8 pin mini din cable from the radio into comm 2, however should it be a ttl level convertor like a CT62 cable? The ones with a db9 on one end are female so I would have to use a MM coupler to plug it into the radio end comm 2 port on the remote. OR I see a cable Y7 diagram(page 147 manual) using the remotes TTL jack to the mini din, but with only tx, rx, and gnd  you lose speakers and power switch

then on the control end I set comm 2 to use usb and just plug a ubb cable from it to my pc running the software?

I am sorry to dig up an old post but I have the same radio and the same issue and I can tell you why I think it doesnt work.

The clone/cat connection on the front panel is through the external speaker jack, which cone pin4 is hardwired when the radio is attached to the body to the CPU in the body.

When we remote the SRT that breaks the physical connection between pins 4 on both units(see strapping), there isnt any way to transfer the ttl or cat level over IP.

I have looked at trying the comm ports but the issue is the clone/program connection on the body pin 4 to get info in and out of

Thank you for the suggestion however the radio does not contain any usb or serial ports on the body, the only way into the rig is through the speaker jack on the front panel.
I am assuming i was wrong about the microprocessor being located in the panel, it must be in the body of the radio

yes that is correct I cam make voice and data contacts remotely, but when I plug the ew7 clone cable(with fdti chip) into the radio head it times out . The PC recognizes the cable but software programs dont see the radio

I was able to cat control my alinco when it was one piece with a clone ew7 cable and driver8 software successfully.

Now that I am operating remote it cannot find the radio. The cat cable plugs into he speaker jack and the usb cable is recognized by my PC but the software cannot find the radio. R* or HRD or anything else

I believe the processor is in the head unit so it should be talking to it directly and not to the radio over the network(I am assuming)

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