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Hi all,

I just found this earlier discussion related to K3/0-Mini "tick tick" issue on emote use. I have also K3/0-Mini and remoterig boxes in use and having same issue. Noted this already when started using my setup, but it has not caused a big problem for me. However, today I got report as others hearing this tick tick sound on my transmit and started to wondering if there is already some fix defined to cure this issue? All hints and guidance is very welcome - Everything else has been working very well on this set up.

73 de Jukka OH2MA

Hi all,

Good news;

The main issue is now solved and remote with RS-232 via RRC boxes is working well. It was not RRC configuration or cabling, it was the Term_2k_232.exe SW which was not supporting lower speed than default 115200Bd - After got enhanced version of this terminal SW, all started to work. Main point was to be able to get the baud rate set to in a way that also RRC can manage. It seems to work also with 9600 well - Now its time to do fine tuning for the set up.

Thanks to all who supported me on this journey!

Hi all,

Just checked older postings but did not find answer how to get 2k-FA cabled with RRC and if there is any need for config changes on RRC or/and amplifier? So, wiring schema and possible config settings would be nice to have.

I tested local remote with USB and it works nicely.

I tested also locally with RS-232 SW and it works OK.

With RRC boxes I cannot get it working. Now, it seems to be cabling issue or configuration (or both...)

Also wondering if the comms speed can be changed (default is 115200Bd). I have not found any menu for this. There is some menu for other port functions/speed but not for this RS-232.

All advices to get this remote working are very welcome?

You can contact me also directly:

73 de Jukka - OH2MA

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