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General discussion forum / WTB RRC-1258 MKII pair
« on: 2022-08-23, 18:22:39 »
The US distributor, Ham Radio Outlet, has no RRC-1258 MKII pairs and apparently no longer carries them.

I am looking to buy a pair, new or used in working condition.

Please respond to hjohnc at gmail dot com.

73 de K1ESE

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: SSB Audio Echoes in Headphones
« on: 2022-02-26, 12:17:54 »
You are right, my TX audio is not garbled.  Only the audio echo in my headphones is garbled.  Monitor is off.

I will try again today to isolate the problem.


Configuration, RRC 1258 / SSB Audio Echoes in Headphones
« on: 2022-02-25, 21:13:18 »
In preparation for the ARRL DX contest, I am setting up for SSB.  I only do this twice a year so it feels like starting over each time.

The setup - I have a Yamaha CM-500 headset.  The headphone plug goes into my RemoteRig client box.  The MIC plug goes into an MFJ-434B Voice Keyer and then on to the RemoteRig box.  On the Radio end, there is a cable from the Remote Rig box to the Flex 6300 microphone jack and one to the headphone jack.

The problem - I get a loud and garbled echo in my headphones of the SSB being sent.  It could be either a canned message from the Voice Keyer or just from the microphone, no difference.

I can get rid of the echo by setting Advanced > RTP tx mode to Normal.  However, I use VOX in a contest So I need RTP tx mode to be set to Continous. 

I tried changing Advanced > Full Duplex to either YES it NO but the problem is still there as long as RTP tx mode is Continous.

I am sure I am missing a parameter but trial and error have only yielded error.

Does anyone know the magic setting?  This worked last year.

73 de K1ESE

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: No Audio - Flex
« on: 2022-01-18, 20:02:42 »
Mitch -

Thank you for your help.  After trying everything I could think of I finally found the problem.  The ethernet cable to the client box was bad.  Replaced the cable and all is well.

73 de K1ESE

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: No Audio - Flex
« on: 2022-01-16, 20:46:27 »
I used the same three 13002, 13001, 13000 in both Servers. 

I can change those in the Server configuration and the Client configuration for one of the pairs.  Do I also open those ports in both the Server and Client routers?  As you can tell my network knowledge is limited.


Configuration, RRC 1258 / No Audio - Flex
« on: 2022-01-16, 19:08:14 »
My RemoteRig pair of 1258 units have worked well for a few years.  Now I am having problems with no audio from the Client RemoteRig box.  I have likely made errors in my configuration.

The radio is a Flex 6300.  Audio and CW keying come from the 1258s.  When connected, the keying works fine and is heard from the 1258 sidetone and from a separate receiver at the Control end.  Flex SmartSDR over Smartlink does the rig control and works fine.

What's changed?  We added a second pair of 1258s for a radio in a different building at the same site on the same network.  I attempted to copy the configuration from the first 1258 server into the second 1258 server.  I also attempted to modify my client 1258 configuration to use the second server.  I used one profile in the client box for the first server and a second profile for the second server.

The result is that all three units may have a problem with the configuration.

When I try to connect to the first server with my client several things can happen - I get no audio or I get several beeps or I get audio that then fades out completely after a few minutes.

What other information can I supply to try to fix this?

73 de K1ESE

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Audio Artifacts/Crackling Sound
« on: 2019-11-08, 15:10:16 »
On strong signals (which all of them seem to be in contests) the audio from the SP jack on the front of my client box makes crackling sounds in my headphones. 

I have set the server box setting for Radio>"Codec inp attenuation" to both NO and YES. The crackling is there with either setting.

I have set the client box setting for Radio>"Codec out gain" at 255 and 220.  At 220 the audio is lower, but I increase the radio volume to compensate.  The crackling is there with either setting.

Is there another setting that might impact the received audio?

John K1ESE

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