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General discussion forum / Re: Yaesu 991a & RRC-1258MkIIs
« on: 2019-10-23, 13:20:12 »
Hi all,
Please, can you clarify issue of compatibility between FT-991A and remoterig?
You appointed that it's no compatible but, ... with what?
My experience is that the FT-991 works OK with remoterig via standard yaesu protocol (program mode 4) and CAT commands are transmited thorough COM ports. The only and very important issue to solve is to switch on the radio on remote way. If the radio is switched off remoterig cannot wake up it as it's done in other yaesu models.
I explained this problem several moths ago but without any solution until now.
I will keep waiting.

Iņigo - EB2AQH

Feature Requests / YAESU version new features
« on: 2019-07-01, 17:43:42 »
Problems to solve:
- Switch on the radio after connect
- VFO and Mode doesn't work
- Audio doesn't work when connecting data phone via wifi (SIP audio port error)
New features:
- Possibility to create your own macros (some kind of function keys) using CAT commands.
   It will be perfect to use only functions that you really need (for example ATU, DNR, Mic gain, Repeater shift ...).
- Select ON/OFF switch off radio when disconnect (now automatically radio is disconnected)
- Improve Smeter graphic display (bars will be much better) also show TX information (ALC, PWR, SWR)

Tested with YAESU FT-991


 Hi Mike,
Tested in mode 3 but it doesn't work.
I don't think that the problem cames from CAT command send by HRD to switch on the radio.
If I set parameter "Yaesu Power on/off" to yes in Avanced seting of Remoterig configuration pannel it also doesn't work. In this case HRD is not comunicating with the radio,  only remoterig.
In both case, with HRD and with Remoterig, the switch off command works OK.
I have tested with HRD CAT command tester tool. Comunication via COM port is stabilized OK, also with radio switched off. I sent PS1; command (50 53 31 3B in hexadecimal) but answer is [Error] No Reply
If I switch on radio manually (pushing ON/OFF button on the radio) CAT commands are sent and receveid OK. Also CAT command PS0; to switch off the radio but after this, with the radio switched off, command PS1; doesn't work. Its' frustating. 
Besides Remoterig PC-Micro I have tested with RRC-1258 control unit and with the RRC-Nano. The problem is the same all the time.
(As you can see I have bought all the avalable products to connect with my FT-991 but ...  :-[ :-[ :-[)
Thank you so much for your help.

73's Iņigo EB2AQH

Yes, HRD connected directly through COM2 switch on and off without any problem. Using remoterigt switch on radio doesn't work.

Have you been able to connect properly FT-991 with remoterig?
I have some questions and doubts about it, nobody here seems to be interested on this YAESU radio, only on old models.
Please let me know.
I can control my FT-991 with micro PC and HRD but I cannot power ON the radio, despite connection is stablished via COM2 port.
To get connexion I must configure remoterig on radio side
- Program Mode: 4 Yaesu, Kenwood, Elecarft
- COM 2: Logical Paralel to COM0
And micro PC (control side)
- RRC COM 0: 4- Kenwood, Yaesu, Elecraft

If I configure remoterig (radio side) as is explained in the user manual
- COM2: Mode-4 Yaesu, Kenwood, Elecarft
It's doesn't work.

Hello Mitch
I'm sorry but I can not understand you.
RRC-micro uses the sound card of the PC to play audio through the speaker output and receive audio through the microphone input.
The audio input and output FT-8 are opposite. If I assign the same souncard for both programs, FT-8 does not work. TX audio goes to the speaker (not the mic input in RRC-micro) and there is no audio in RX.
As far as I know, to perform an internal cross link it is necessary to install a virtual audio cable software or similar.

Thank you very much for your support and apologize for my lack of knowledge.

Iņigo EB2AQH

Thanks for information.

" Any standard mic and speaker/headset that can be connected to the PC and has Windows support can be used for the audio.The RRC-Micro dongle has no built in support for audio any more (as version 1274A had)."

I expected that AUX connector was for audio in and out, not for CW.
I will try other solution to operate FT8.


What is the purpose for female connectors 3,5 mm in the 1274B box?
I cannot find explanation about it on website.
Is it posible to use this conections to provide audio in/out to WSJT-X software on FT8 mode?
I tried to install virtual cable software to connect audio betwen RRC-Micro and WSJT-X but it doesn't work at all. I had to uninstall everything, seems to be some sort of incompatibilities.

General / RRC-Nano 1.6.2 with Yaesu FT-991 testing results
« on: 2019-06-06, 16:08:17 »
Hi all,
I was testing this app during one month with my FT-991 and Samsung A8 cell phone.  Those are the results.
Good points:
- Audio quality (mike and speaker) very good and without latency
- Simple installation and configuration
- Possibility to use Bluetooth devices, also to connect with car hands-free system
Things to improve:
-  App connect with remoterig server but radio is not switched on so you need to do it pushing physically the radio button.
- After closing app the radio is automatically switched off. This feature cannot be configured as in the RRC-1258
- Frequency  appears on the display but cannot be changed.
- Band +/- operate well
- PTT works OK
- Mode not change all the times
- App goes to standby after 30 seconds. You must continuously press screen to wake-up phone

Good idea to implement such service to connect your radio with a cell-phone.
App must be improved to provide minimum requirements to  be operative for a basic functionality. Problem with switch on radio when app connect must be solved, if not it's unusefull for remote operations.
Basic plus new added features will make this app very interesting.
Not for now.

Sorry but perhaps I didn't explained very well.
When HRD start first try to communicate with RRC-Micro PC Client virtual comport. If radio is already turned on everything go OK and HRD start working as normal. But if radio is switched off HRD connect with virtual com port and try to switch on radio but after several tries process fail.
In local HRD can switch on radio when software start with no problem.

General discussion / Yaesu FT-991 power on remote control
« on: 2019-05-09, 23:49:58 »
Hi all,
I have connected my FT-991 via RS-232 COM 2, data, audio and PTT OK
Only thing still not working is switching on my radio on remote when starting Ham Radio Deluxe PC software. I must switch on FT-991 manualy (asking my wife to do it at home) and after that start HRD on my laptop conected with RRC-Micro PC client.
Exiting from HRD switch off radio OK.
Configuration menu on RRC-1258 MkII: Radio avanced setting Yaesu power-on/off   is set to Yes.
Can you help me?
Thanks in advace.

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