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Hi sm20,
Excellent diagram. Nicely done.   I will definitely mod a cable I have and add the diode.  I came from using a 706 and a 1258 MkII Setup.    I cannot wait to have band switching with the AS-1289 up and running on the IC-705.

The next questions is for any IC-705 operators out there... the 705 doesn't (appear) to have an external 3.5mm CI-V jack -- or does it?
     I'm looking at pg 2-3 of the IC-705 Basic Manual.  For the 705, CI-V connectivity was moved to Bluetooth and USB.

Any work around to get to get the CI-V signals out of USB?  Perhaps some sort of USB to Serial Dongle?  Or is Bluetooth the best way?
73 all!
-Karl N7TWP

Hi,  I am looking for advise, cabling, etc. to control a1289 Antenna switch using an IC-705.   Can this be done w/o the 1258 modules?    I do have a pari of 1258 MKII modules if this helps for configuration.

In any case I am interested to see if any others have experience or general advise on how to setup band switching with the CIV data sent from an IC-705?

N7TWP  I'm good on QRZ.

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