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Hi,  This is an advanced use case question.
Does the 1289 have the ability to pass through data received on the RRC UDP port, and communicate that data with the built in serial port?  I would like to send CI-V commands to aa rig connected via the the 1289 serial port.   Is this possible with the current firmware on the 1289?
I had not seen if this is possible in the user manual.   

Perhaps another way to ask the question: is the RRC port on the 1289, strictly to open a UDP communication channel only with the Remote Rig 1258 pair? 
-Karl N7TWP

Hi sm20,
Excellent diagram. Nicely done.   I will definitely mod a cable I have and add the diode.  I came from using a 706 and a 1258 MkII Setup.    I cannot wait to have band switching with the AS-1289 up and running on the IC-705.

The next questions is for any IC-705 operators out there... the 705 doesn't (appear) to have an external 3.5mm CI-V jack -- or does it?
     I'm looking at pg 2-3 of the IC-705 Basic Manual.  For the 705, CI-V connectivity was moved to Bluetooth and USB.

Any work around to get to get the CI-V signals out of USB?  Perhaps some sort of USB to Serial Dongle?  Or is Bluetooth the best way?
73 all!
-Karl N7TWP

Hi,  I am looking for advise, cabling, etc. to control a1289 Antenna switch using an IC-705.   Can this be done w/o the 1258 modules?    I do have a pari of 1258 MKII modules if this helps for configuration.

In any case I am interested to see if any others have experience or general advise on how to setup band switching with the CIV data sent from an IC-705?

N7TWP  I'm good on QRZ.

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