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Hardware, Cabling, Installations / IC-785x ?
« on: 2021-11-30, 20:34:36 »

After some surgery and being restricted to stay at home, I finally set-up my RRCs in my local network today using an IC-7100. Seems to work, except for CW which apparently needs an additional cable from RRC-Control to the rig when using the built-in keyer. Now, the 7100 does not have an exceptional receiver. Is there any possibility to use an IC-785x as backend? Or an IC-7300? If so, what must be done/is needed? Having lots of time currently, so thinking a bit further.. Any comment appreciated.

73 Norby

General discussion forum / PC software
« on: 2012-06-12, 20:29:46 »
Hi folks,

I'm new to this and before I really get into it, I'd like to know which control software for the remote PC side can be used? Is there a list somewhere?

Basically, my set-up would be 2 RRCs and PC software on my side because I don't own a radio with detachable front side, except for an IC7000 which is not supported. I will not use digital or phone modes while being away from home, only CW.

HRD Log seems a bit overkill and became buyware. I'm not willing to go that way since I have my own logger. I found that some people where talking about the N4PY software. Anything else that could be used to switch bands and move the VFO? That's basically what I need.

I'm wondering, since I can read the frequency/mode from the rig with my logger, if I send the command to the rig, am I right in saying that the (Icom) command is sent transparently to the home station? If so, I could probably start trying to add my own radio control module.

Plenty of questions from a newbie since I haven't seen a live remote rig set-up and only tried to understand what's available on this site.

73 Norby

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