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General / "App Trail Period has Expired"
« on: 2021-05-06, 16:29:03 »
I was using RRC NANO KENWOOD 1.6.2 for long on my J7 Samsung smartphone on Android 8 as well updated to 9, with a valid Lic ID.
Some months ago I tranfered the above NANO to A21S Samsung on Android 10 automatically using the Smart Swith Samsung app.
Now Im getting on A21S the message "App Trail Period has Expired", when I try to connect.
Any advice please?? ???
73 Costas

General / Using Second NANO app
« on: 2016-03-04, 18:40:38 »
I'm using for long NANO KENWOOD app to control my TS480 radio. A ham friend of mine will use also NANO app to control his TS480 as well.
How can I control from my phone his TS480 as well? Shall I buy another NANO app or is this configuration NOT possible altogether??
73 Costas

I have a webswitch 1216H Hardware=V1, Firmware V4.11 Home standard , JUST to control the 5 relays and to read the 2 temperatures using Android webswitch app V1.5.
My question: can I upgrade this webswitch firmware from V4.11 Home standard to latest V4.23 HAM version to control also a rotator using the MICROBIT Web Rotator Control Unit PCB, WITHOUT LOOSING the control of the relays and temperature readings on the Android app??
Need I also to upgrade the Android app from V1.5 to what??
Advice pse...
73 Costas

General / Testing RRC-Nano
« on: 2014-12-14, 19:34:20 »
After some testing of RRC-Nano app with KENWOOD TS480 (with latest app auto! updates of Kenwood V104 and Server V110) on my SONY Xperia T3, have the following comments:
- Operation is FB via WiFi or LTE/4G, with good audio quality.
- SIP connection is seldomly succesfull on first attempt, need for some more tries.
- After SIP disconnection have always the unneccessary message: SIP error
- Android backspace is not working. Need to close app using CLOSE RECENT APPS icon, or is it a more efficient way?
- After disconnecting the app, the TS480 display is inactive for approx 1 minute and beeping if switched on in between.
  Wonder how to maybe overcome this dead period.
- As CW operator on 6m, I would like VERY MUCH to test also CW mode on TX, before buying a licence...
- The licence cover also any future app updates??
73 Costas

On a previous post by SM2O I read "often the Mobile service provider has blocked the ports used for SIP and VoIP. If you use the standaRd ports try to change 5060 to something else. They do it beacuse they want to stop people using other services than their own for phone calls".
Since I'd like to use such config for the control RRC, I wonder:
- What alternative working port to 5060 can be suggested ?
- Are the GSM providers generally open to provide such info?
- How many succed to have such control RRC config working?
73 Costas

General discussion forum / Firmware update
« on: 2012-06-15, 16:16:43 »
Before updating RRC-1258 MKII firmware may I know if:
- I can update from 2.30 directly to latest 2.59?
- I have to update both radio and control RRCs (hardware version 5) before be able to use/ interconnect  them?
- I have to reinstall all my personal parameters again?
Tnx in advance..
Costas SV1DH

General discussion forum / TS480 CONTROL PANEL SPEAKER AUDIO
« on: 2011-06-08, 16:10:32 »
Although the back side speaker of TS480 control panel its working fine when the panel its connected directly to transceiver, I can get audio on the HEADPHONES ONLY while the panel its connected via the RemoteRig control unit (with hardware V5 and software V2.30 of 16/12/2010). Audio from the speaker come for VERY SHORT while disconnecting the headphones plug from the panel.
Any advise pse??

General discussion forum / INFO on CW switching
« on: 2010-01-20, 19:14:40 »
Can anyone help and inform me if: are ALL three UT0,1,2 I/O OUTPUTS on radio RRC unit keying (ON-OFF) simultanously during CW keyer operation, or ONLY the I/O output UT0 is keying (ON-OFF) as the CW output of the keyer??
Tnx & 73

General discussion forum / Using RRC as remote switch
« on: 2010-01-17, 18:51:52 »
I would like to know if I can use RRC1258mkII as a remote switch, for example to reset my nearby PC using a small external relay at the I/O connector, and at the same time to have RRC connected also throught I/O for CW (straight) key operation on TS480.
Is any conflict on RRC firmware for such configuration?
How can I give such a command for reseting the PC?
73 Costas

General discussion forum / TS480 dual control and CW latency
« on: 2010-01-05, 12:47:11 »
I have TS480 already remotely running using the KENWOOD s/w for funcion control and the IP-SOUND s/w for sound transfer, via the RS232 and DATA TS480 connectors. My question is if REMOTERIG pair can be used alternatively via the proposed h/w configuration (panel, mic and key TS480 connectors), WITHOUT disconnecting the above existing PC h/w connections?
Also I would like to ask what is the estimated overall (minimum) latency on CW, if the particular path INET residual latency is approx. 20ms?   

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