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General / Re: "App Trail Period has Expired"
« on: 2021-05-07, 08:35:05 »
TNX Mike. Your email received OK and understood...
I will proccess it later today.
73 Costas  :)

General / "App Trail Period has Expired"
« on: 2021-05-06, 16:29:03 »
I was using RRC NANO KENWOOD 1.6.2 for long on my J7 Samsung smartphone on Android 8 as well updated to 9, with a valid Lic ID.
Some months ago I tranfered the above NANO to A21S Samsung on Android 10 automatically using the Smart Swith Samsung app.
Now Im getting on A21S the message "App Trail Period has Expired", when I try to connect.
Any advice please?? ???
73 Costas

General / Re: Using Second NANO app
« on: 2016-03-04, 21:33:29 »
KS Mitch.
Tnx for info.
Such solution is problematic indeed, so we maybe have to wait for implementation of profiles on NANO app, as you proposed.
73 Costas

General / Using Second NANO app
« on: 2016-03-04, 18:40:38 »
I'm using for long NANO KENWOOD app to control my TS480 radio. A ham friend of mine will use also NANO app to control his TS480 as well.
How can I control from my phone his TS480 as well? Shall I buy another NANO app or is this configuration NOT possible altogether??
73 Costas

Very many thanks for testing my question and advice...

I have a webswitch 1216H Hardware=V1, Firmware V4.11 Home standard , JUST to control the 5 relays and to read the 2 temperatures using Android webswitch app V1.5.
My question: can I upgrade this webswitch firmware from V4.11 Home standard to latest V4.23 HAM version to control also a rotator using the MICROBIT Web Rotator Control Unit PCB, WITHOUT LOOSING the control of the relays and temperature readings on the Android app??
Need I also to upgrade the Android app from V1.5 to what??
Advice pse...
73 Costas

It seems that the RS232 cable from TS480 to RRC Radio unit COM2 was loose.
After fixing it all looks working OK now.
Using here SONY XPERIA T3, NANO-K 1.22, NANO-S 2.02 and RRC1258 Radio unit s/w V2.86
Roland, tnx again for advice...

KM all
Uwe, my remote radio is TS480.
Ronald, Im still using Radio RRC S/W V2.83; shall I update to V2.86 ANYWAY, pse??
I checked the CON/DISCON status of Radio RRC before and after connection tests and all responded OK, but still no audio/freq indications...

Further to above mentioned remarks, I have on my Radio RRC1258 S/W V2.83 installed at the moment.
Need I to install V2.86 to have the above latest NANO updates working??
There is no such instruction on RRC S/W update page...

I have almost the same problem after late updates, but even worst. I CANT connect anymore, even after reboots. The app indicate CONNECTED but no audio nor frequency indication. Also DISCONNECT works OK but nothing more.
Setup here is the same as long ago SONY XPERIA T3 and latest, installed yesterday, updates of NANO-S 2.0.2 and NANO-K 1.2.2.
Any advice, pse??

General / Re: Testing RRC-Nano
« on: 2014-12-23, 16:41:19 »
GA Jan.
After the automatic update of RRC NANO S to V111 and K to V105 on my SONY Xperia T3 V442, all my previous remarks are now cured:
- SIP connection is now succesfull on first attempt, either using WiFi or 3G-LTE/4G.
- After SIP disconnection I DONT have anymore the message: SIP error
- Android backspace is working OK.
- After disconnecting the NANO app, the TS480 display is now active immediately.
- The BAND switching buttons are working at once.
- Audio is present immediately, no need to slide volume bar.
Jan, many thanks for working on all these improvements and Im looking now forward for the transmit CW version on this amazing app.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015.

General / Re: Testing RRC-Nano
« on: 2014-12-18, 19:10:39 »
Mike and Jan, many tnx for your reply and related info.
Jan, I upgraded RRCs firmware from 2.75 to 2.81, as you pointed out, but I still have same indication of "SIP error" on connect/disconnect operation.
I also observed that the "BAND" up/down buttons of NANO are very erratic and although beeping, the band is not changing accordingly and I have to repeat pushing the button several times. All other NANO buttons are working just fine...
I will PM soon to you info to check remotely my Radio RRC config, as you suggested.
73 Costas

General / Testing RRC-Nano
« on: 2014-12-14, 19:34:20 »
After some testing of RRC-Nano app with KENWOOD TS480 (with latest app auto! updates of Kenwood V104 and Server V110) on my SONY Xperia T3, have the following comments:
- Operation is FB via WiFi or LTE/4G, with good audio quality.
- SIP connection is seldomly succesfull on first attempt, need for some more tries.
- After SIP disconnection have always the unneccessary message: SIP error
- Android backspace is not working. Need to close app using CLOSE RECENT APPS icon, or is it a more efficient way?
- After disconnecting the app, the TS480 display is inactive for approx 1 minute and beeping if switched on in between.
  Wonder how to maybe overcome this dead period.
- As CW operator on 6m, I would like VERY MUCH to test also CW mode on TX, before buying a licence...
- The licence cover also any future app updates??
73 Costas

Hi Mike.
I follow ur last advice and the control RRC WiFi is now connected to INET via WINPHONE INET sharing and to radio RRC FB, getting DNS resolve of radio site hostname OK.
The funny thing is that same smartphone sharing INET to a PC is DNS resolving the same host name of the radio site straight forward...
Tnx again.
73 Costas

Hi Mike.
I followed your latest advice and the RRC control unit is now working fine via LUMIA 800 and connected to radio (using ports 13000-13002).
The main issue I think was that I had to delete the IP etc static values, used for my home router, on all the fields below DHCP one, since phone is now giving IP on different net, the RRC was connected to phone but the PWR led was still blinking.
Then I tryed the fixed IP of radio location in the SIP contact field and the PWR led stop now blinking (after approx. 30 blinks!) and connection to radio site estabished.
So, my remaining issue is how to overcome the DNS request rejection by phone and/or GSM provider?
Once again asking for your advice...
73 Costas

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