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General discussion / FS - RRC-Micro 1274A
« on: 2021-02-10, 01:28:19 »
As new, includes postage, tracking, and insurance from VK.


Email is good on

73 Graham VK3GA


I have been in touch with the authors of JT/FT8 regarding the correct quality settings for this mode.

WSJT-X requests a 48000 Hz 16-bit sample stream and creates the same for transmit. WSJT-X down samples to 12000 Hz 16-bit as a first step on receive so if you choose 12000 Hz linear encoded 16-bit then at least you will have not taken anything away from the sample stream quality. But even then the operating system will have to up sample to 48000 Hz before feeding to WSJT-X, the effects should be pretty minimal. You can try 24000 Hz linear encoded 16-bit but in my testing there was little difference apart from consuming more network bandwidth and introducing more likelihood of glitches and latency.

Therefore, you should use setting 5 (12KHz linear 16). You should not use a compressed setting. For example, setting 4 (12KHz linear 12), means you will have discarded the bottom 4 bits of audio resolution and that is both unrecoverable and most important because that is where the weakest signals lie. Discarding 4 bits is equivalent to discarding roughly the lowest 24 dB of audio resolution.

In my experience so far using setting 5, I have decoded down to -24dB on rx and been decoded down to -24dB on tx.

Hope this information is helpful.

73 Graham VK3GA

General discussion forum / K3-Twin volume issue
« on: 2017-06-24, 03:52:03 »

I have to turn the remote K3S volume up to about "2pm" in order to get any volume at the control end on the Mini. I thought this was normal until I asked Elecraft and they said the K3S volume should be set low. When I turn on the Mini the volume is really loud until I turn the volume a bit, then it drops back.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Graham VK3GA

Configuration, Webswitch 1216H / Fan control
« on: 2016-12-08, 01:10:43 »
The on-line documentation is not the same as the product with regards to temperature control, and I am finding it hard to work out.

I want to use Relay 1 to control a fan. I have two temp sensors.

At the moment I have set the WebSwitch to “Difference Control (Fan/Heating)". I have sensor 1 on Bus A as “outside” and sensor 2 on Bus B as “inside”.

I want the fan to come on when “inside” is higher than “outside”.

How do I set this up?

Also, what do these do (they are not in the documentation)?:

Relay 1 maximum on temp.(5-99C)   
Relay 1 offset temp.(0=Off)

Many thanks,
Graham vk3ga

Model   HAM
Software   4.25
Hardware   3
Bootloader   1.12
Build   Mar 31 2016 15:11:16

General discussion forum / K3 Twin bandwidth question
« on: 2016-10-12, 07:34:42 »

I searched on the forum but several answers now point to pages no longer available on this web please excuse me if this has been answered before.

I'm after the total bandwidth for:

Audio Quality = 3, Full Duplex = Yes, RTP Tx Mode = Continuous, COM1 Mode = Mode-7

Everything else the default values.

Man thanks,
73, Graham VK3GA


I have a K3-Twin setup with PC line-in and line-out connected to the Mini for digital modes.

When I choose CW or RTTY or PSK in Fldigi, the tx frequency is 600Hz higher than what the VFO is showing.

If I use the M1-M4 memories, no problem, the frequencies match.

Any ideas?

Thanks and 73, Graham VK3GA


I have the full K3-Twin setup consisting of K3S and K3-Mini with RRC-1258MkII’s.

I am trying to get the transmit audio from my PC to the Mini to enable me to use Fldigi and/or WSJT-X (receive works fine).

So I have an audio cable between my PC headphones output and the mic input on the Mini.

When I modulate the audio, the level seems too low, I can hardly hear it from the Mini speaker, and hardly any RF is coming out.

I have tried both stereo and mono cables.

What mode should I be in - USB?

Any other ideas?

73, Graham VK3GA

General discussion / No audio with 1274A
« on: 2016-09-14, 09:37:55 »

I have it all working except on my laptop (Dell Win10 Pro) I get no audio if I choose the laptop internal sound card. The audio bar is not showing anything.

If I choose the "1274A audio" it comes out the headphones port fine, with activity on the audio bar.

I know the 1274A is fine because audio works both ways on my desktop (Win 7 Pro-SP1).

I guess I'm not sure if this is a hardware problem or Win 10 issue.....

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

73, Graham VK3GA

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