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Still having problems with this webswitch. Upgraded the firmware using the setup manager. Uploaded v4.59 for 1216H HAM edition and now there's a NEW Problem.There are no relays showing in the menus. It appears to be setup as a Rotor controller only, no relay output selections on any pages. I can access it over the network but it will not work over the microbit ddns, even though all the items appear correct.
thanks for any assistance
de Dave WB7ELY

I cannot seem to access/change my webswitch 1216H settings. The help page states that the "webswitch uses its generated password and userid" on the dns setup page. I have entered the userid and password using the show password button and it is not recognized/rejected. (see the the attached screen shot)
please help-mitch are you still out there?
de dave

Appears my functioning webswitch was scrambled by a power failure and resulting spike. Subsequent power back-on at the remote site revealed a tough problem. I am able to control the relays but they return to their relaxed position a few minutes later. I recently arrived at the remote site and figured I could just connect to the webswitch with my laptop using the USB connection and use the setup manager to reset everything but it does not respond to the setup manager. Some of the other screens are also scrambled. Check this link to view my screenshots:
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
de Dave

Seems I have lost the DDNS Client after a power failure and probably a spike on the power lines. I can see the webswitch menus and have momentary control of the switches but they revert to off after a couple of minutes. It looks like the DDNS Client DDNS Host name got scrambled and then when I try and pull the drop down box to reselect the menu item, it wants a userid and password. Ahh, its been in continuous operation for over two years and I have lost the info in my notes. I am 1900 miles south of the remote station sheesh am I screwed?
 Check these screen shots and any help would be appreciated.
de Dave WB7ELY

Hello Forum--I've been running my remote station for about three months with a remote controlled KPA500 and I've completely lost remote control.  The TS480 and 1258 RRC remote control works fine and no complaints on the radio operation. At first the KPA control was intermittent and  then began to show errors on the utility screen (ERR:FC?0).. now it won't communicate at all. Resetting the control RRC worked one time, but subsequent resets at control and radio do not seem to wake anything up. I'm plugged into COM1 on both ends and running the radio end on a separate laptop. The fact that it worked for three months tells me I had it set up OK. So where to start troubleshooting? Here's a link to some pix of the setup:
Thanks de Dave WB7ELY

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / RS232 to USB Adapters
« on: 2019-11-03, 00:28:14 »
I'm needing at least three RS232 to USB adapters to complete my remote installation. Looks like everyone and their brother sells these things on the internet. I want to avoid problems with compatibility issues. Does anyone have a good product to recommend. FTDI any good? Attaching my remote hookup diagram using elecraft KPA and KAT boxes
de Dave WB7ELY

In have the KPA500 working remotely on RRC COM I. Works great with the null modem cable and remote utility. But I have to leave the amp on (in STBY) all the time. If you turn it off via the remote utility, then the RS232 is off and you cannot regain control unless you push the ON button on the KPA. One post stated that you could switch 12V to a pin in the DB9 plug intended to connect to the K3. Does anybody have any further details on that connection? Now moving on to the KAT500, can I connect it to the RRC COM2 port? No CAT in use and no rotor so wondering if there's anything I need to know before moving to that connection..? Does it need a null modem like COM I?
Thanks de Dave WB7ELY

I seeing some threads on this topic and still it is unclear if I can use the RRC COM 1 port on the RRC 1258 control to connect RS232 to my PC and run the remote utility. And then I'd connect another RS232 cable from the KPA500 to RRC Radio. I did see some talk on the com ports wired 'backwards' or using a null modem. I also have a webswitch 1216H perhaps that might work easier> If anyone could shed some light on this, would be much appreciated.
de Dave WB7ELY

New WS in the shack and I have it up and operating on the local LAN with static IP. Using port 80. Works great! Submitted the s/n and received the but I am still in the dark on what to type into my browser when accessing the WS from the outside internet.  Please help
Thanks de dave WB7ELY

I have a requirement to turn on a fan at the radio side and to switch a coax relay. I see that the COM Port out0 goes low upon connection. Could I use a relay driver connected to out0 to turn on a small fan? Would it be possible to set a logic 1 on other comport pins to toggle a relay?

Searched for some prior posts on this and couldn't find anything... I have everything working for remote operation over the internet but now I am home and want to set profiles on the RRC Control for the two different settings, (1="over the internet" and 2="Home LAN". Seems the profiles settings is ideally suited for a use such as this. User manual is sketchy on how to set profiles and I am not 100% sure what to change on the control IP Settings page just to run the control over my home LAN. I don't want to muck it up.

WiFi board was installed in my 1258 Control RRC and worked fine for 5 months. Then went intermittent and now shows "not installed" on the control RRC status page. Unplugged it and replugged it several times. -no change- I do not have another contol RRC to try it in. Located the original invoice from HRO dated last May and called them. They said cannot help you. "Please work with the manufacturer". Sent a note of Mikael at Microbit and he said to call HRO. So I am caught in the middle here. Each company says the other one should replace the defective WiFi board. Any comments /ideas from the forum? Or should I just "bite the bullet" and buy another WiFi board...?
De Dave

Been tearing my hear out getting my small office router set up for the RRC to communicate to the outside world.
I have read and reread the RRC1258 manual page 238.
I have attached a screenshot of my port forwarding page.
I have inserted the IP address of the radio RRC 192 168.1.51 but I am not sure what to insert into the boxes, 13000 to 13002 but then what about port 80?
When I enable DMZ, all internet access is shut off.
Any assistance would be much appreciated.


Hardware, Cabling, Installations / TS-480 Config Problems
« on: 2017-07-22, 06:08:09 »
I am setting up a new installation TS480. The xceiver works fine without the RRC but when I connect  the RRC1258 I am getting some odd indications-need some help.
The RRC manual states that there are two possible configurations for the RRC hardware mike connector straps. I have tried both configurations and still having problems. This is a test setup using my local network. All setup parameters are per page 186 of the manual.

Config type 1 (page 185 of the RRC manual)
Terrible buzzing sound on transmitted audio signal
Received audio OK
TS480 control panel lights and backlight are dimmer than normal (~50%)

Config type 2 (RRC manual page 186)
Unable to key radio
Receive audio OK
TS480 control panel lights normal brightness

Other notables:

Radio side
short RJ45 cable from RRC AUX/MIKE to the radio mike input
short RJ11 cable from RRC TTL to Radio control panel jack on radio

Control side
long control cable from control panel to TTL on RRC
rigblaster advantage output RJ45 to AUX/MIKE on RRC (verified good audio and keyline)

1 Amp wall wort powering the control RRC
30 Amp power supply powering the RRC and radio

Please advise

Hello-- I am having one heck of a time with the IC-706 Separation Cable modification. I consider my self a fairly good technician but I cannot get the separation cable to work. Even taking the RRC out of the loop and using a double female RJ 45, I am getting a raspy loud hum noise on my transmit audio as monitored on a sep receiver. I have checked the continuity through the two  cables  terminated with RJ45s and all is good. I read that the radio side pigtail should be short to reduce interference and mine is 3ft total.
Is the modified cable (radiio) @ 3ft too much?
Could that be causing the loud hum?
If the two shields (white shield and red shield) touch, is that bad?
Should the separation cable ("drain?) wire be connected to the station ground?

Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


 witha 2 ft

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