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Configuration, RRC 1258 / Microbit Setup Manager
« on: 2021-08-11, 19:27:58 »
Blew off the dust on my 1258's after sitting around for 2 yrs. Successfully uploaded the latest FW and both units are visible on my local WiFi network. Modified and saved some settings on the Control .227 unit using the Microbit Setup Manager without issue. The Remote .228 unit info is relieved in the setup manager following a mouse click on the "info" link just fine. However, when I attempt to make any further changes to the .228 unit in setup, I get a request for a ??? login and password ???  Where does this come from? To my knowledge, I've never had a password to enter the settings. I've attempted without success many login and passwords. How do I get around this roadblock? The .227 unit sailed right through. Your comments and thoughts are most appreciated.

Thanks, Paul, WA4AA

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Connection Confirmation
« on: 2018-04-20, 06:22:23 »
Anyone, Everyone,

On the Radio-RRC, I have a (RJ-12) connection from the TTL to my Icom using a 3.5mm C-IV connector. Can I address the RJ-12 jack located on the front of the Radio-RRC? a toggle that turns the TTL on or off! How can I be certain that data is passing from the Control-RRC through the Radio-RRC at the TTL RJ-12 connection?


How can I confirm that the Control RRC is connected to the Radio RRC via my LAN? The network can see the Control RRC and it can also see the Radio RRC but I'm unable to connect to them?
Thanks, Paul

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