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Hi All,

Thanks for letting me join the forum.

I bought an IC-7100 back in May, it's a great radio but I had very little success with the RS-BA1 software. After a break of some months I decided to get a pair of new Remoterig boxes and try again! The boxes arrived yesterday and I soon had both of them talking to my home network via the router. What I don't seem to be able to do is connect the two boxes together, I get no "power on" from the radio control head at the house.

According to the manual, the status page in the MicroBit set-up manager program should show me a "Connect" button but this isn't present on either the radio box or the control box menus.  Anyone on the forum who could talk me through setting up? I am confident that I have the internal links and jumpers set correctly and both boxes are version 7, which I am told is the latest edition. I want to use a basic set-up, just the radio in the outdoor shack with 30m CAT-6 cable to the house where the radio control head will be located. Not interested in using the system over the internet until I get the basic station going.


Roger/G3VKM - Norfolk, England.

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