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General discussion forum / RRC audio input impedance/levels
« on: 2022-01-21, 21:43:02 »

So, everything works great, I have my K3-twin setup and using a Inrad-W1 headset connected to the RRC

but, what I would like to do, for various reason is connecting the headset / mic to an audio mixer and the output of the mixer to the RRC. Main reason is actually do be able to record the mic for live streaming etc, so I actually don't have to connect the mic to the mixer, just get the audio into the mixer - Y cables are not the way to go.

Normally these mixers have just line level outputs (low 100-400 ohms I think). I have not been able to get this working to a satisfactory level, I either get hum / distortion/clipping etc.

So, the input of the RRC, what is the input impedance ?
Any pointers how this can be done correctly

73 de TF3T

Hi - I have been searching through the forum here, not found anything definitive.

I'm playing with different mic's and want to be able to switch between headset, desk mic etc..
So I got this mixer (Mackie) - it has the usual main out TRS or XLR connectors.

I got somewhat ok results by turning the input preamp off , but there is still some hissing and extra noise when I go through the mixer.

I must admin that I don't know much about line levels etc, but anyone done something similar and can help me diagnose this

73 de Benni TF3T

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