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I recently returned to my QTH with the control device. It had been left with the power connection unplugged. I plugged in the power, but the green PWR LED did not light.

Generally, the PWR LED would start blinking right away, and change to steady after a few moments, so long as the network connection is plugged in.

But now, I'm getting nothing. No lighting at all. There's nothing.

I checked the power supply. It is providing slightly more than 12 volts either unplugged or plugged in to the device. (12.1 to 12.3 volts) When I plug it in, there's a momentary flicker of the green and yellow Ethernet LEDs, but that's it. I don't see any link or activity.

If I leave it plugged in, the device gets slightly warm after a time, which seems normal.

Any ideas?

I've recently gotten a set of RRC-1258 remote rig boxes, and have successfully connected them to a pair of K3 radios. The remote radio is a plain K3, the control radio is a K3 with a KIO3B.

Connected to my local LAN, I can successfully connect from the control to the remote, using the SIP address of the remote ( Works as expected.

If I re-configure the control to use the address as the SIP address. It will not connect. I hear three tones (beep, beep, beep) in the headphones of the control over and over. I even tried to move the control unit 100 miles away so that I was on a different network. Same result.

Any suggestions? I copied and pasted the Own host name from the remote to the control SIP address directly, so I'm sure I've got it right. The Microbit DDNS status appears to be correct.

I would like to get this working.

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