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That's helpful to know, but what's the next step in figuring this out?
This will be a very common use case and as the vendor you should have tested configurations that are known to work and "supported".
I am sure there are community members that will work with you to test many of them.
I am still baffled why Writelog + mode 8 Winkey triggers PTT at program startup and won't let it go.
I've spent hours on this trying to find a way to produce quality CW generated on the remote side.
I would appreciate if you spent some time looking into this as well.
Steve, W1SRD
K3/0 Mini

Installed setup manager and N1MM+ on another computer. And also using a different USB cable.
Frequency tracks but...
COMExtra configured as Winkey will send the first macro, then N1MM TX Focus indicator stays orange (transmitting).
In other words it never returns.
Does the Winkey emulation actually work?
So far the only reliable CW is with a paddle.

Trying to use Writelog in the same config.
I see all 4 virtual ports in Device Manager.
As soon as I open the RR Winkey port (COMFSK) in Writelog, PTT is asserted and won't let go until I remove the USB cable to the RR and cycle the K3/0 mini.
Also found using COM1 as a USB virtual port to be very unstable.
Going to try on a different computer this evening.
Steve, W1SRD

Has anyone gotten the serial port on the K3/0 Mini to work for CAT?
I don't think it does. I can only connect to the Mini if it is *not* connected to the RR.
Steve, W1SRD

Late to comment here, but W1UE has the only real solution. You must be able to control A/C to the amp remotely to have a reliable solution.
I have a late model 2000A with the new control head. Purchased their overpriced RPON module and uses the very fine Acom Director from M0YOM.
Be aware the amp can get into a fault condition that cannot be cleared without manually pushing a button on the control head.
Mine got stuck turned on and unusable for 2 weeks until I made it to the remote site since I could not clear the fault. That was the end of using the Acom remotely for me.
I ended up buying an Elecraft KPA500 that works flawlessly and is enough power for remote DX'ing.
For contests I am at the station anyhow.
Someday I might implement the W1UE type solution.
Steve, W1SRD

Funny this should come up. I spent hours yesterday trying to get this very thing to work -- it does not as far as I can tell. With either Writelog or N1MM.
My setup is K3/0 mini to K3.
Serial Settings -> COM3 mode (USB-COMFSK) = Mode-B, WinKeyer
Using K1EL test program WKdemo does work, but that's not much use.
Writelog immediately keys PTT when it starts.  I can't find a way to stop it from asserting PTT. Not even sure what line it is pulling. This may or may not be related to Winkey emulation.
N1MM will send a few characters to the emulator, then hangs and does not respond.
Requires pulling the USB cable to clear.
Wondering if *anyone* has successfully used this mode and if so with what logging software.

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