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Ive had the remoterig setup for a year on a TS-480HX. Just recently switched to IC-7100. All is well. Now, bought the SW1289 to do auto switching of antennas. As i understood, all i had to do is plug a CAT cable from the remote port of the 7100 to COM2 of the remote unit. I have tried every seeting possible and cant seem to get it to work. Not sure what im missing, as far as settings on COM1&2 on each end. Please help. I have had the radio working fine for a month now. Just trying to add this feature as i have a 6 meter antenna, then an ALS-500 and a multiband antenna on another port.

Thanks in advance for help

General / Re: Nano for iphone users
« on: 2015-06-17, 22:01:42 »
i agree with Buzz25W......the market share for iOS is growing. They now hold a 42% share of the smartphones owned in the U.S. vs Androids 52% cut, and Apple is closing that gap a little more each year. I think i can speak for a lot of hams, in saying that we would love the capability of using our iOS devices to run remotely. I used CommCat for a few years with my iphone and ipad, and then changed my setup after finding your product. No regrets!! However i run my logging program on my iOS devices and am in a holding pattern to see if i need to wait for development on the NANO app for iOS or go thru converting my loggin over to iOS. I hate to convert all of my apps if there is possibility of development in near future.

iPhone App / iOS app for remote control of radio????
« on: 2015-06-17, 20:43:17 »
Are there any plans for development of an app similar to the Android app, for controlling your station remotely?  This would be really great. Just curious if this may be in the works.

Thanks! 73 de WV9L

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