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Thanks Jan!

Reset worked immediately. I did not recognize the word "Advanced"
as an active tab in the Setup software; easy to overlook up there, hi!

Many thanks and cheers/73, "Zaba" OH1ZAA


Started to play with a 1216H --- upgraded firmware to latest version: 2.0

OH3-environment: Cisco EPC3825 router with WLAN, connected to Cable (10 Mbit/s).

IP default --- Could reach 1216H Web Server pages through WLAN.

After setting DynDNS at always indicated Unknown DynDNS status.

After switching off Firewall in Cisco router got DynDNS status: OK

However, never got to 1216H from outside (e.g. 3G modem).

With DHCP set in 1216H total failure of any connects also with WLAN.

Need for USB setup program to switch off DHCP.

OH2-environment: HomePNA-network 1 Mbit/s with Ethernet adapter.

No access to Zyxel router (common to whole block of apartments).

1216H only visible with DHCP active, and Port set for 8001 from within
the Ethernet network via but not from outside (e.g. 3G).

1216H was now asking for a login password, which it did not do in the OH3-environment.

Now looking for a way to reset the password to learn more by trial and error... 73, "Zaba"

Hello Jan,

1216H from 2010 (OH3MHA), first thing done: firmware upgrade to 2.0 early early this week.

Default IP --- In DynDNS setup window password was automatically generated.

Later I copy-pasted this password into the IP setup window; maybe should not have done it?

Anyway, need to get back to a clean table, to make new trials and errors....    73, "Zaba"


How do I change a stored password or is there a "BIOS-reset" function,
to start over from a "clean table"? Spent a few days with 1216H in two
environments, and finally got to a login page, but did not mark down
the automatically generated password, so cannot make any changes.
Did not find any Master-Reset or jumper on the PC-board (year 2010).

Cheers/73, "Zaba" OH1ZAA

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