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Dear All,

I found out, that I have to use another mic cable between the
AUX/MIC-connector from the Radio-RRC and
the MIC-connector from the TS-480.
(This is not very good explained in the manual ...)

Now everything seems to be OK. (Also TX with the key is now OK).

73 de HB9EMS

General discussion forum / No TX on SSB with TS-480
« on: 2012-03-10, 20:14:38 »
Dear OM

Got my RemoteRig and trying to set it up today.

Kenwood TS-480.
S/N. 90 80 00 28

Everything works fine (local network, connected to same router) except transmitting.
On pushing the PTT on the standard Kenwood Mic there is no transmitting, but the sound is off. After release of the mic PTT the sound comes again.

I tested already:
- with and w/o VOX: no TX
- with a Ethernet cross cable between the RemoteRig boxes: no TX
- checked the jumper wiring (for newer TS-480) configuration type 1: no TX
- even checked the jumper wiring for older TS-480 configuration type 2: no TX

Has anybody any hint, what to do and which setting to check or to change?

73 de HB9EMS

Dear OM

Luckily I can use a remote shack in the countryside.
Therfore I plan to buy a complete RemoteRig set.

I would like to use my RemoteRig via a 3G mobile router and not via ordinary phone lines.

My questions:
- Does anybody have some experience with a mobile router (3G, UMTS, HSDPA)?
- What minimum connection rate is recommended? 1 MB/s or more (upload)?
- Do you know a good mobile router?

I found this one yet: Teltonika RUT104;

Every hint and help is appreciated!

73 de HB9EMS

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