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First, the term "remote" below refers to the tower site.  The control site is where the op controls the K3/0 or K3-mini.

The main issue is in trying to access the K3 Utility on the PC sitting next to the remote K3 while RemoteRig is connected.  We can use VNCRemote or TeamViewer to access K3 Utility on the remote PC.  Most importantly,  I am not trying to flash the K3 remotely over the Internet.   We just want communication between the K3 Utilty and the PC via RemoteRig's spare COM1 port.

Specifically, what I am trying to accomplish is saving/recalling the K3 profiles with the K3 Utility so that the two ops using our remote site are not spending ten minutes tinkering our way out of the last guy's favorite settings.  It would have been great if the K3 had just enough internal storage to save profiles, even if for just two or three users.  But since that's not the case, we must rely on the K3 Utility to save/recall the profiles.  But RemoteRig gets in the way because it is attached to the K3's serial connector at the remote site.  As mentioned before, RemoteRig does have a spare COM1 serial port, supposedly for this purpose and CAT control.  Here's what I've done to date. 

1) All hardware flashed to the latest versions (K3 and RemoteRigs).   I am using the latest version of K3 Utility and also the beta version tried;
2) A high quality FTDI USB to serial COM port adapter connects between the PC and the RemoteRig's serial COM1 port. The USB and is assigned COM7 on the PC;
3) The PC has been checked to ensure the latest FTDI drivers;
4) On the remote side of the RemoteRig, there's a menu, "Serial Settings" to select different communication protocols for the RemoteRig's COM1 port (the port attached with the USB/serial converter). tried different settings;
5) Opening the K3 Utility and selecting COM7 should establish communication between the K3 Utility and the remote K3 THROUGH RemoteRig.  But it doesn't.  The K3 Utility keeps searching the port speed with no connection.
6) The RemoteRig manual seems to indicate it is possible to connect in such a way and even shows a picture detailing a device connected on RemoteRig's COM1. 

Has anyone had success in using the K3 Utility with RemoteRig connected at the same time?   

Paul, W9AC

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