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General discussion forum / AS-1289 Port Isolation
« on: 2019-05-22, 15:10:46 »
There's not a dedicated forum for this device; this is the closest topic area.

I don't see a published port isolation spec for the AS-1289 5-way antenna switch.  Anyone have this?

Paul, W9AC

Ability to completely stop the audio stream in the RRC setup menu while keeping rig control.  For example, if WSJT-X is running at the remote site, VNC or TeamViewer can be used to control the program.  An audio stream from the remote site back to the control point isn't required and serves only to waste data bandwidth.  This feature request affects those of us on a monthly 4G/LTE data plan. Lots of monthly bandwidth is presently wasted when using digital modes.

Paul, W9AC

I have my RRC units working fine with N1MM Logger+.  N1MM+ is loaded on my PC at the RRC Control point (not at the RRC Remote Site).  N1MM-generated CW has perfect timing.  However, if I use my paddles while N1MM+ is running, CW stutters.  I'm using a dual Elecraft K3 rig configuration.  Any ideas?

Paul, W9AC

General discussion forum / IP Tracking Software
« on: 2018-07-15, 16:52:27 »
Can anyone recommend an IP tracking software package that monitors and reports inbound IP usage to a remote site?  Ideally, I would like to monitor at the router and have the software report the amount of daily/weekly RemoteRig data, as well as RealVNC, TeamViwer, etc. being used on a per user basis.  I see a lot of products out there, most of them quite confusing.  I would like any information from anyone actually using such a package.  Thanks. 

General discussion forum / Re: RRC Failed Link LED
« on: 2018-07-11, 16:07:25 »
Thanks, Mitch.  The problem appeared to be a blocked port by Comcast or VZW.  It cleared itself yesterday.  I was just about to bring the ports down from 13000 to around 5100 but the issue cleared -- for now.  Thanks for the feedback.

Paul, W9AC

General discussion forum / RRC Failed Link LED
« on: 2018-07-08, 17:33:25 »
The amber Ethernet "link" LED on my RRC at the control point is no longer staying lighted.  The green "data" LED does show data.  I can connect to the remote RRC but no audio and control is erratic.  Another user is remoting in to the site just fine.  So, the problem is on my control end.   

I've done a hard RRC reset, changed cables, different gigabit switch ports, and reset all network LAN devices.  No good.  I took a big lightning hit four weeks ago and it took out many items on the LAN but the RRC has been OK until now.  To help prevent lightning damage on the LAN in the future, I have installed a pair of fiber-optic gigabit transceivers with a 3m fiber cable to isolate the cable modem from the LAN's router.  Power supplies feeding the fiber-optic transceivers are also isolated. 

I want to confirm from others that the RRC's amber Ethernet LED is normally on with a LAN connection.  It does flash momentarily at power-up but then stays out.  I just don't recall the behavior of the RRC when it was working normally but link LEDs on my other Ethernet devices stay lighted when connected.  Thanks.

Paul, W9AC


I do see this in the manual:

LINK Green LED indicates link OK flashing LED indicates traffic
ACT Yellow LED indicates speed = 100Mbit/s (off = 10MBits/s)

In my case, the Green LED is blinking with data but the amber LED is off, indicating a 10 Mbps connection.  So, perhaps what I'm seeing is normal. 

Can anyone suggest a quick and easy means to completely disable the RRC audio stream when using digital modes while keeping rig control?  At my remote site, VNC is used to control digital apps on a PC desktop like WSJT-X so there's no need to stream audio.  I am on a metered 4G/LTE connection at the remote site so a very large portion of monthly data is being wasted on an audio stream that used about 50% of the time.  Ideally, it would be great to make the RRC change on the fly so that one could alternate between digital and other modes without much of a hassle.  Ideas? 

Paul, W9AC

General discussion forum / Re: Verizon Wireless Drop-Outs
« on: 2018-05-16, 02:51:03 »

Many thanks for your analysis.  I'll try a 100 ms delay and see if that improves the situation.

Paul, W9AC

General discussion forum / Re: Verizon Wireless Drop-Outs
« on: 2018-05-10, 13:18:53 »
Two brief but severe drop outs this morning shown in the JPEG attachment.   Notice that the final path is the wireless link between the 4G cellular site and remote station.  That link contributes to most of the latency and packet loss.   It's very intermittent and likely nothing can be done on my end to fix it, nor compensate for it.  The remaining transmission path looks reasonably good.

Paul, W9AC

General discussion forum / Re: Verizon Wireless Drop-Outs
« on: 2018-05-10, 02:02:18 »

PingPlotter result below for a 10 minute sample to the remote site.  Any clues?

Paul, W9AC

General discussion forum / Verizon Wireless Drop-Outs
« on: 2018-05-09, 22:13:38 »
I am seeing a high number of Verizon 4G/LTE Wireless drop-outs.  That service is at my remote site.  I use Xfinity 100/10mbps cable modem service at home when connecting.

Ping time looks good and cell site signal strength is excellent.  Each drop out is approximately the same duration of 150 msec.  It's most problematic on CW.  It may happen a few times in a minute -- or as long as perhaps a few minutes before is reoccurs.

Any tools available to isolate this problem?

Paul, W9AC

Mitch, many thanks for confirming.

Paul, W9AC


I have a feeling that since a connection to the remote site does periodically work, that the LAN side of the setup is OK.  If he can get Admin access to the router should he try port-forwarding the same three ports (i.e., 13000, 13001, 13002)? 

Since we don't get to choose the internet path, possibly one or more paths in Mexico are blocking SIP data while another path is passing it.  If that's the case, how difficult is it to set up a VPN with the RRC device.  I am experienced with SoftEther VPN but I only have it working with my iOS devices -- and it was a nightmare to set up.

Looks like the easiest path is with two VPN enabled routers.  Unfortunately, our basic VZW 4G/LTE router does not include VPN.  That would require us to set up a new router at the remote site with the VZW router set to bridge mode.  The basic router works well when roaming in the U.S, so I really don't want to go there especially since each router on the other end of the link will need similar VPN capabilities -- just not worth it for short operating. 

Paul, W9AC

Thanks, Mitch.  Before he left for Cancun, we used Microbit setup manager and set the RRC to DHCP and verified operation before his departure.   Since his arrival, he has tried DHCP and a static IP on his LAN's subnet.  There's no change with either set-up and his RRC still connects only a small portion of time to the remote site with either setting. 

Still trying to determine if he has authorization to access the router at the condo. 

Paul, W9AC

Mitch, I will definitely ask.  The bottom portion of the status screen attached.  Note that I erased the full RRC DDNS name.

Paul, W9AC

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