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Lost contact with Radio RRC-1258. Worked fine 3 days before.

Friend checked the unit at remote site and all looked OK. Tried a power reset but it did not solve the problem. He accessed the unit locally using Microbit Setup, and immediately we saw the problem. It had reset itself to factory settings without anyone doing a hard reset. We changed the local IP address back to and web address to, and it was immediately seen

Any idea why this happened? Only time in 12 years of service. Nothing in the product manual.

Mitch.... Slept on it and figured out the problem. While trying to get TR4W to read the remote K3 freq/mode, I must have touched the RS232 setting on the remote K3 and changed it from 38400 to something else (most likely 19200, as the K3 would stop communicating at that instant). Because CW and audio come to me via the RRC and not direct from the remote K3, that explains why I still had CW input and audio output.
So I changed the control K3 to 19200, as well as both RRCs (radio and serial) via internet to 19200, and connected successfully to the remote K3. Seems to work a bit better than it did at 38400, but not sure why, unless the remote Internet (UVerse) was choking. Had many issues with it in January, and AT&T did slow down my rate then to make connection more reliable. (We were trying to push a very long cable too fast)
The next step is to reset the remote K3 to 38400, immediately losing contact with it, and then repeat the process for the control K3 and RRCs.
I am already using Mode 7 for K3 twin, and have in the past successfully read the remote mode/freq with COM0 mirroring COM2. Will see what happens when I fiddle with COM0 as you suggest.
Thanks.... Mel KJ9C

Configuration, RRC 1258 / No control over K3 via internet
« on: 2017-03-12, 03:07:29 »
Fired up the remote K3 for Stew Perry contest. It worked fine so I tried to to get TR4W CAT interface (COM0) as I usually do. When I changed the local PC COM port to the 1258, the K3 froze up. I could still hear and send CW via paddle or TR4W, but none of the controls on the control K3 here changed anything remotely... no volume control, mode, VFO, RIT, nothing.... The display stops loading when it gets to TERM..... So I am stuck on one frequency and made one QSO.... No idea what freq I am on... Turned off the TR4W interface.... Reset both 1258 units and the K3 power many times.... (I can access the remote site via TeamViewer where I can control KAT500 tuner and KPA500 Amp)..... those units work OK, and the KPA will switch the K3 band, but only to the last frequency it was on.
Any clues?
Mel KJ9C

My remote RRC (1258 MkII) has a K3, a KPA500 and KAT500. So far the KPA and KAT respond to the K3 band commands, but there is no way to monitor the KAT and KPA remotely. Has somebody figured this out? I occasionally use COM1 as a CAT interface to use TR4W software.
Do we need parallel RS232 cables from the remote K3 and RRC..... or what?
Mel KJ9C

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