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Hi, I have a K3 Mini setup with the two RRC-1258 MkII boxes and everything is working great except for the winkeyer.  All the firmware on the RRC boxes is the lastest 2.90 version and the firmware on the K3 Mini and remote K3 is at version 5.50.

I have spent a lot of time doing the research and reading other forum posts where others are having the same issue I'm having and I fully understand the concept of the USB serial port mappings with the RRC boxes.  I'm running Windows 10 and I have duplicated the issue with two different computers... again, windows 10 64 bit versions on both computers.  I doubt it's an issue due to virtual port drivers.  I have tried to rule out all the issues I have read about, but clearly I'm missing something.

Keying via the paddle input at the Control site is working just fine at the remote site.  I'm using VOX to key... i.e. VOX needs to be on at the Remote K3.

The issue when using the winkey emulator at the control site is that it keys the radio at the remote site but the output is messed up... i.e. a question mark sounds like a poorly sent R... dit dahhhh dit... like some drunk operator using a bug or straight key. :)  I would fit right in at times! :)

I have the COM3 Extra USB port at the control site setup for WinKey mode 8 as is documented... I have even tried going down the path of using the external com ports on the control site RRC box for CAT control, which works for Com 1 on the front of the control site RRC box.  Working great for cat control via a USB com1 or direct com1 using a physical com port on my computer...  Not that this matters, but when trying to setup the com2 physical port on the rear of the RRC control box for winkey, I can't get the firmware update to the control RRC box to stick.  It always switches back to Logical parallel with COM0.  So, I can't even try the external winkeyer emulation via the external COM2 port on the RRC control box.

That last paragraph may be hard to follow, but I was trying to remove the virtual USB ports from the mix... that' the only reason I switched over the external RRC control box COM1 port.  I can obviously go back to the USB  ports for CAT control.

So if someone is actually reading my post at this point and I haven't lost you!  What am I missing... FSK works great via the COM3 Extra USB port, and I have even verified the transmitted signal from the remote site back to my control site via another receiver at the control site.  FSK output works great via the COM3 Extra USB port on the control site RRC box.

I'm like 99% there in the setup and want to use N1MM+ to control the Winkey emulation via the control box COM3 extra port set to mode-8 winkey.  No go... I'm the drunken CW op when trying to send CW from N1MM+ at the control site. ;)  And by the way, I tried the old N1MM version and also Dxlab WinWarbler... they all behave the same way.

I'm not going back to Windows 7... period.... and there is no way in hell I'm going back to Windows XP.  If this is a Windows 10 issue at this point based on old posts I have been reading from early 2016, then it needs to be fixed.

Please advise if I have done something wrong which has escaped me.

de Max NG7M

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