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Configuration, RRC 1258 / Ic-7100 stuck in TX Solution
« on: 2023-03-26, 01:25:04 »
Hey all

Had an issue for the last few weeks where no matter mode or anything, pressing the PTT would lock the radio in TX.

I thought maybe a jumper wire had wiggled lose, tried everything.. connecting the head to base direct and radio acts as normal.

had a think back over any setting in the radio I had changed, and the only one was monitor mode, as I was trying a different Mic and wanted to hear what it sounded like.. I had left it ON but level very low. I had done this with a direct head to radio cable, and didnt think about turning off once I was going remote.

so it turns out that if you have monitor mode turned on it for some reason locks the radio in transmit while using it remotely.
I can only think that there is some kind of maybe 'bug' because its sending audio both ways and somehow thinks it needs to keep it locked on..

anyway not sure if there is a 'real' solution to using monitor mode remotely..... not really an issue now I know what caused it

hopefully may help someone with similar issue



Configuration, RRC 1258 / 7100 / spe amplifier
« on: 2022-12-10, 04:46:16 »
Hi all

I have been successfully running my 7100 remotely for a while now, I have recently add an SPE amplifier to the set up, it all appears to work fine, but I have noticed a slight issue, sometimes when I transmit it locks on tx. even with the amp switched off.

all works perfectly without remoterig in the setup. I took the gear out the car and checked everything.

with remoterig being used I have noticed that when I let go of the ptt it goes to rx then flicks to tx for couple of milliseconds and then back to RX.
With the amp in circuit, it is much more noticeable as the amp relays double click, it seems this double click sometimes locks the tx on. only switching off the radio releases tx.

now have I missed a setting somewhere?
I have the remote rig set to control the 7100, my yaesu rotator and my spe amp.

its just the double click on release of tx that seems to be my issue...

any thoughts please



Configuration, RRC 1258 / Rotator and amp control question
« on: 2022-07-06, 04:13:58 »

I want to remotely control my rotator via rs232 (yaesu g800sdx) I have an rs232 interface in the rotator, I dont understand the manual around the com port settings. I assume I just want to be able to use it as a normal com port, So I dont know what 'mode' to select for the com port to be in?
Same question to control a serial control based Amplifier.

Just not sure what to chose for the mode?

the manual states it can be used transparently for rotor control

The serial ports COM1 and COM2 can be used as a transparent serial channel between
Control-RRC and Radio-RRC over Internet. The COM-ports can be used for CAT control,
rotator control etc.

it just the mode thing that is throwing me??



General discussion forum / Going Mobile
« on: 2022-03-27, 04:29:22 »
Hi all

 I have a 7100 head unit n the car and base at home, using the cell phone network for connectivity.
anyone have any experience with the audio coding and what may work best, seems cell phone data on 4g, doesnt have enough bandwidth to keep it working, so I am experiencing dropouts. not expecting it to be 100% solid connection.

any thoughts?


General discussion forum / IC7100 - question
« on: 2022-02-21, 01:45:30 »
Hi All, new to remote rig and forum
I have a 2 year old Icom Ic7100, which I am setting up to use remotely. I see that I should use a jumper board to make it work..
I have just wired with the red jumper wires and is all seems to work fine, I have had a few contacts and have full control of the radio, although this is all on the same internal home network, I will be using this via the mobile phone network in a few weeks.

Question is --- I have the latest remote rig modules, V7, was this fixed in this firmware? or do I still need the board? seeing as it all seems to be functioning as if the radio is connected normally. Or am i to expect issues further down the track?

everywhere seems to be out of stock of the board or refuse to ship to New Zealand, So I would have to make my own anyway..

thanks All


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