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7100 / spe amplifier
« on: 2022-12-10, 04:46:16 »
Hi all

I have been successfully running my 7100 remotely for a while now, I have recently add an SPE amplifier to the set up, it all appears to work fine, but I have noticed a slight issue, sometimes when I transmit it locks on tx. even with the amp switched off.

all works perfectly without remoterig in the setup. I took the gear out the car and checked everything.

with remoterig being used I have noticed that when I let go of the ptt it goes to rx then flicks to tx for couple of milliseconds and then back to RX.
With the amp in circuit, it is much more noticeable as the amp relays double click, it seems this double click sometimes locks the tx on. only switching off the radio releases tx.

now have I missed a setting somewhere?
I have the remote rig set to control the 7100, my yaesu rotator and my spe amp.

its just the double click on release of tx that seems to be my issue...

any thoughts please