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General discussion forum / TS-480 Original Mic vs MC60
« on: 2013-04-18, 07:35:42 »

Did anyone used MC60 with TS-480? Do I need to change any wires jumpers? Any feedback on audio quality?



I have remote rig for some time now which is great solution for me due to antennas restrictions. Got TS 480 and working SSB / CW / PSK / RTTY (AFSK). All works great and time to up-great.
Purchased KPA500 + KAT500 + Easy-rotor and Moxa 5460 (4 ports).

I need some help configuration the above. Any help for a beginner?


Ziv 4Z4OQ

General discussion forum / Elecraft KPA500 Amp
« on: 2012-11-27, 14:08:14 »

Anyone have experience with Elecraft KPA500 & remoterig?




I am using TS-480 and Mix-W software. CAT is working ok via com2. When I work PSK, I can manual activate PTT and audio from PC via the microphone jack and all works ok. However, when am using PTT via CAT Command, the radio do KEY to TX but no audio is transferring.

Do I must use the PTT via mic jack send the Audio?


4Z4OQ Ziv

General discussion forum / easy rotor com1 mod?
« on: 2012-10-26, 10:43:50 »
i am installing easyrotor via com1 - what should be the mode setting at control side and radion side



General discussion forum / TS-480 cat issues
« on: 2012-10-23, 11:24:37 »

I am using TS-480 and RRC + MixW software and have two issues:-
1.    CAT is working ok when Radio is connected locally / directly from computer to radio via FTDI USB to RS232 adaptor connected only with 3 wires. (pins 2,3,5/ TX,RX,GND). However, via RRC (com2) it don’t work. Changing between pin 2&3 did not help to solve the problem.
2.   I know my settings are ok, because changing to different USB to RS232 with full d-sub connector CAT is working ok. However, here is got a strange situation that when I push Microphone PTT (SSB mode) the radio is sending short beeps every 1/2 sec..
When is am disable CAT the beep stops.
I attached here a zip sound file so you can listed to the scenario

Any idea??

General discussion forum / config cw paddle
« on: 2012-09-02, 17:15:42 »
I need some help to configurate my paddle in cw mode. i was trying for 3 3 hours several sets of configuration with no luck.  The manuel is not so clear to me and i got mixed between paddle and keyer configuration.
My set-up is simple. Ts-480 split between panle & radio/ 
I connect one lever paddle to the control RRC with 3.5mm plug (paddle works fine on my ts950) and on the remote side i got 3.5mm plug to plug cable.
What need to be my configuration of (keyer& I/O) in control and what on radio - Also do i need to connect the plug to plug cable in the radio side to  pad or straight socket?

thanks for help

General discussion forum / dyndns
« on: 2012-08-25, 12:06:08 »
I have used the rrc unit about a year ago which worked fine accept my 3G network (radio side) had high latency which could not solved. I packed all an put on the side. This month finely I could get a real Lan connection in the radio side and started all from scratch.

My free dyndns address in not valid and more so yesterday I opened a VIP one (20$) using same name.. however when I am try to configured my radio RRC I have seen some discrepancy between the manual and rrc (see attached)

Can someone help here..


General discussion forum / Dual ts-480 control panel
« on: 2012-03-07, 09:49:52 »

Would it be possible to connect dual ts-480 control panel to one radio?
- 1st Remote control panel will work from my home via remote-rig to the remote site.
- 2nd one will be always connected for a different operator at the remote site


General discussion forum / 1216L (RCU)
« on: 2011-06-28, 11:16:56 »

I could not find the rcu1216L in the online shopping. Is it not released yet?


General discussion forum / friedrichshafen
« on: 2011-06-06, 20:49:08 »

Are you going to have a booth at Friedrichshafen this month?

General discussion forum / MixW
« on: 2011-04-06, 08:40:39 »

Did some use MixW software with RRC?



General discussion forum / Audio breaking
« on: 2011-03-04, 21:33:20 »
After some learning curve explore in earlier posts was able to get all items to work in remote site and home site. The configuration is as follows:
Remote site – TS480 Radion connected to a 3G router 7.2Mb always on. Good connection to 3G network (0.5km)
Control site – TS-480 Control panel connected to a cable router 2.5Mb
I can get the radio working and made some qsos. My problems are as follows:-
1.   The received audio is breaking every 3ced and not smooth.
2.   When I am transmitting and releasing the PTT the receive audio is like totally distorted for 2-3sec and only then i can here the station.
3.   When transmitting some stations are telling me my audio is breaking.
I pinged the remote site from the control unit router for your ref. Also the radio/control configuration is  RX Jitter buffer 4, Jitter delay 3,  audio packet 20ms

What is the next step?


I have an issue connecting the 480 panel to talk with the radio in a local lan using same router.
My Linksys Router IP is
I have updated control units to FW 2.33.  All my cables work OK.  When trying make connection within my LAN, the TS480 panel does not power up and after a few seconds I receive from the panel a tone  low - high - low, low - high -low, low - high- low. 
I was reading some similar posts issues here, tried some, but still cant get the system to work

Can someone help? I am not a IP person so please be patient with me. I attached a picture with my IP readings.

General discussion forum / Failed updating using USB
« on: 2011-02-08, 16:16:27 »

I am totally new with remote and got the RRC last month visiting USA. I am also not big expert on computers but have some help from my IT co-work. I connected the equimpnet to the web and the USB cable to my laptop computer. Win7-32bit
When starting to install the new F/W i can see the green bar moving and then get a "failed programming new firmware: write failed" messge.

Please help

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