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General discussion forum / RRC dont communicate
« on: 2023-08-25, 15:08:35 »
I have RRC for several years all works great. Radio is ts-480 and connection via DYNDNS
I was away from radio for 2weeks and return home today panel don’t light-up and get the 3tones bips 
Remote RRC:
Green light flashing.
Yellow light on Auxmic flashing.
I can access the RRC via lan in the correct internal address

Radio RRC
Can assess from home to the RRC on the correct port
Reset the rrc didn’t help
Radio   ON
Connection status   Disconnected
SIP status   Idle
Last SIP error   None
What else to look for?

General discussion forum / TS-480 RRC LOST CAT
« on: 2023-01-03, 09:03:25 »
I am using ts-480  & RRC for about 10 years and all working great. Yesterday night worked many FT8 stations without any problems. This morning I CAN NOT control the Radion via the software.
My Setup:
TS-480 (4800 baud)
USB to com port (4800)
JTDX  software (4800).
Radio in SSB & CW works fine
Ping the remote side 22ms
I can connect the router in the remote side without issue. (port8080)
However, connecting to RRC in the remote side (radio) via port 80 I am getting huge delay until the GUI comes up – can be 1-2 min. not sure this two issues are related..
Changed USB FTDI adaptor – didn’t  help
Changed computer – didn’t help
Reset remote RRC – didn’t help
Installed ARCP-480 to see if I can control the Radio with different software – still can not control Radio

Any idea what can be the issue?

General discussion forum / Power drop in FT8 Hound mode
« on: 2020-02-05, 16:28:58 »

After some tweaks I am working standard FT8 with my TS480 w/o any issues. However, orking in F/H mode as Hound when the fax stations are RX on low audio freq, an my TX jumping to the low audio freq (~270hz) my output is attenuate (power signal drops ).

I made a test with another ham located 1 mile from my remote TX and my signal is +7DB (1200HZ audio) and drops down to -12 in 300HZ audion.

Is the RRC got a audio bandwidth limitation/filter in low audio freq?


General / App Period expired
« on: 2018-12-09, 14:54:54 »

I got App Period expired but never had a chance to use it on my S8 phone. how can i try it and how can i buy it



General discussion forum / IC-2730 with RRC??
« on: 2016-12-12, 18:20:55 »
Would RRC support Icom VHF  IC-2730?


General discussion forum / band sniffing via CAT com
« on: 2015-05-31, 15:29:35 »
I would like to build and band sniffing to my ts-480 with arduino software using a Y cable to the CAT com in order to control an ant switch. As I am building this on the remote site my question how can I stimulate this without traveling to the radio side.

Will the comport of the cat in the remote is same as at radio?

Thanka Ziv

General discussion forum / Moxa Nport W2150A for sale
« on: 2015-05-10, 13:17:18 »

Before advertising on eBay, I got NIB never used MOXA W2150 (lan/Wifi) 232 server (1 port)   – Asking 150 EU - shipping included


General discussion forum / On/Off TS-480 head
« on: 2015-03-24, 12:59:50 »

Is it possible to turn ts-480 remote head on from via rrc ?


General discussion forum / Lost of web server port
« on: 2015-01-07, 22:02:00 »
It looks like that due to rf feedback in the shack the RRC lost the web port and the DYNDNS routing. I am lucky to have a DYNDNS camera on the same router so the RRC box is working and i can get to the radio.
Is there and other way to get to the web server page to reconfigurate it ?



General discussion forum / magnetic loop
« on: 2015-01-03, 21:22:54 »

Anyone is using magnetic loop via RRC and can control it remotly?


General discussion forum / Nano RRC
« on: 2014-09-29, 09:52:37 »
Did anyone tried  the new nano using a dyndns IP  ??


General discussion forum / Aux/Mic & RFI..
« on: 2014-07-09, 09:28:07 »

I am building a multi audio input source connection into the RRC (using TS-480). I will have 4 inputs:
Hand-Mic, boom mic, headset mic and computer audio for PSK. All will go into a Behringer audio mixer so I can control the gain, high, mid and low levels.
The Behringer output will be connected to the rrc aux/mic jack
In the RRC Manuel page 177  I can see two options of the AUX/MIC  connections. Option 1 is connecting pin 3&4 and option 2 is connecting 3&6. It also mentioned that both will work but I can have RFI issues,

What I don’t understand is how can I get RFI issues if there is no RF in the shake but only at the radion site…
Can someone highlight this point to me.


General discussion forum / Connecting Radio RRC I/O
« on: 2014-01-29, 22:36:57 »

can someone please confirm the attached schematic is correct. This circuit will be used to drive a bigger relay to on/off my KPA500



General discussion forum / K3/0 vs TS-480 & Mix-W
« on: 2014-01-13, 13:53:43 »

I got RRC with TS-480 + KPA500 for more than a year now and all works great. As for Logging' CAT, AFSK, RTTY I am working with MixW which I found great local support for it from several 4X hams. The computer is connected via the RRC com to the 480 radio com port.

I am considering getting  K3 & K0 and I can see the control between them is via the K3 com 232 port. Is this means I will need to give up the MixW software

Ziv - 4Z4OQ

General discussion forum / DNS error code 12 - any idea?
« on: 2013-06-13, 07:20:38 »
I had to open a new internet account with a new router at radio side and config all setting. The TS-480 wont come up and I am receiving error sound… DNS error code 12 – any idea? Here r the settings:

Name Value
Radio OFF
Connection status Disconnected
SIP status Idle
Last SIP error None
RTP/UDP audio status Disconnected
UDP cmd status Disconnected
SIP command timeout 0
Rx Jitter buffer size 10
Rx Jitter delay 8
Dual Rx 0
External IP XX.XX.XX.42
SIP Out port 5060
SIP In port 5060
Audio Out port 0
Audio In port 0
Command Out port 0
Command In port 12000
External SIP In port 5060
External Audio In port 11000
External Cmd In port 12000
Other party
Input 1 High
Input 2 High
Output 0 Low
Output 1 Low
Output 2 Low
Dynamic DNS status Error, code 12
Ping status (watchdog) Off
DNS status OK, = XXX.XXX.110.185
Active profile: Default
PTT status: OFF

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