Author Topic: What mobile router for RemoteRig with 3G/UMTS/HSDPA?  (Read 3291 times)


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Dear OM

Luckily I can use a remote shack in the countryside.
Therfore I plan to buy a complete RemoteRig set.

I would like to use my RemoteRig via a 3G mobile router and not via ordinary phone lines.

My questions:
- Does anybody have some experience with a mobile router (3G, UMTS, HSDPA)?
- What minimum connection rate is recommended? 1 MB/s or more (upload)?
- Do you know a good mobile router?

I found this one yet: Teltonika RUT104;

Every hint and help is appreciated!

73 de HB9EMS


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Re: What mobile router for RemoteRig with 3G/UMTS/HSDPA?
« Reply #1 on: 2012-03-05, 10:29:01 »
I have been using a 3G connection on the remote side for over a year and would say it had been working up to 95%.

Control site: ADSL 24 Mb/s.

Remote site: TRE (3G) , Modem: Huawei E367 with external antenna - 15 dBi. Signal : 80 to 90%.
                     Router: Dovado UMR ( + Tellstick for power control ). Connection rate 0.8 to 1.3 MB/s.

If you want more info, mail me. (See SM3CCM on QRZ.COM.)

73 de Lars