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« on: 2013-01-26, 00:23:02 »
 XS5.ar2313.v4.0.4974.110823.1731   is my firmware and has worked for 9 months on bridging between our 2 homes. the past month i have to keep rebooting the dsl system every 1 4 hours just to keep it up. the hard boot seems to work ever time.
I was told to upgrade the firmware but i don't think this is the issue. when it locks up it seems to loose all IP's and connect from dls modem to anything connect is dead in the water. anyone have any ideas on this please email or just say, i am a old tech for 30 years and this one is really starting to stump me. the local company i think has a problem with line db gain but don't have access to that info.  trying this first and next to call them out. thanks again for any info and help..