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Differences after FW-update
« on: 2013-04-14, 19:55:09 »
Hi everybody,

today I updated my pair of RRCs that I'm using successfully for several years already from FW 2.06 to FW2.68. Comparing the settings from the old FW with the settings of the new FW I found some differences I can not explain. Maybe someone else can help:

1. Before the update the SetupManager showed: Version 004, Firmware, Bootloader N/A, HW 004
After the update the SetupManager showes: Version 003, Firmware, Bootloader N/A, HW 004

So Version decreased from 4 to 3! What does that mean?
What about the Bootloader. Is there a need for updating it as well?

2. In Keyer Settings I was using 100 for "Lf delay ms", after the update I needed to increase the value to 150 to get the TRX monitor muted correctly. As it is related to RTT of the internet connection I'm surpriesed that I hat to change that value.

Any info would be nice. Thanks in advance!

vy 73
Simon, DJ4MZ