Author Topic: Network infterface and RRC Micro 1.6.10 troubles  (Read 3596 times)


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Network infterface and RRC Micro 1.6.10 troubles
« on: 2013-10-27, 15:33:42 »
Hi there all.

In 1.6.10 we added the possibility to work through WiFi connection.
Apparently this have lead to troubles for some of you. It works for
some and doesn't for others.

We will of course take a deep look into what has gone wrong and
make appropriate corrections. Meanwhile I have decided to withdraw
the 1.6.10 version to avoid more confusion.

I'm sorry for this and thanks for you patience.



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Re: Network infterface and RRC Micro 1.6.10 troubles
« Reply #1 on: 2013-10-31, 09:40:54 »
I have no hopefully solved the WiFi problems and some other things and there is a beta 1.6.11b available for download

  • A Default profiles exist after installation. Only SIP address needs to be added.
  • Installation selects Microbit 1274A Audio as Mic and Speaker by default

  • Changed order of Audio and Command Port fields to match the order they are  in the webpage
  • Debug file is now in HTML format and is found at <documents folder>/MicrobitLogs/RRCMicro.html
  • Removed Email from Trial registration as its not used.
  • User interface redesigned to make operation more easy

  • In demo/trial version you wont get an error message about microphone now.
  • CW-character '-' was not sent. Fixed
  • CW-transmission will now be aborted by pressing Escape key. Clear key only clears the text, while Escape clears text AND aborts transmission
  • Mic and Speaker Volumes are now stored and restored properly
  • Now accepts 3G and 4D dongles as Network interface. This did not  work in all situations before.
  • Copy and Paste now works in Profile fields
  • Delete now works in Profile fields