Author Topic: The PC hangs when submitting settings using Setup Manager  (Read 13668 times)

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There have been reports from people running into problems when using the Setup Manager to change settings, upgrade firmware, etc. Instead of the Webswitch restarting and so become disconnected for a short while the PC might hang or get unresponsive. We think that we have found a fix for this and if you experience this problem we suggest that you upgrade to version 3.5 or newer and give feedback here if the problem were fixed. (If possible do the upgrade via the built-in home page in order to avoid the upgrade to fail.)

The new firmware can be found here:

If you have version 3.x and only would like to get rid of the USB problem we suggest that you use the 3.5 or newer 3.x version as it has all the functionality of the previous 3.x versions. Version 4.x will be split into a Home and a Ham radio edition.
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