Author Topic: SSB transmission not reliable when the connect is on the edge ?  (Read 2971 times)


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I temporarily use double mobile; 4G on control side, and 3G permanently on radio side.
I sometimes experience that I don't get through SSB pile-ups, but if I restart my K3 tranceiver, I get
through. Maybe this forces a better channel through the network.

Does RRC block SSB TX audio if the connection gets lousy *.
Or am I just transmitting QRM on those occasions ? I don't experience this "issue" on CW.
Can this be monitored on the status page somehow ?

Or is my K3 not working properly ?

Joni OH2FT

*  Each Mobile connection might jump up to about 180 ms latency.
Normally they are <30ms (4G) and <80ms (3G). I have however managed to work
a few hundred qsos with this double mobile system.