Author Topic: Mobile 4g hotspot almost works!  (Read 5456 times)


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Mobile 4g hotspot almost works!
« on: 2014-09-04, 12:39:59 »

I use my Remoterig via various WiFi connections with great results - Many thanks to Mitch Wolfson (DJ0QN) who spent much time helping me get going.

I now want to use my mobile 4g hotspot but the following happens:

1. I can turn the radio on (with normal sounding 1 beep) and this works.
2. I can turn the radio off also - no worries.

However, no info reaches my end on the controller and the TS-480 screen does not turn on. The on button works on the control head with the ALL good single beep, but no display.

Anybody using a mobile hotspot have a secret I can use on the mobile 4g hotspot settings :)


Leif Erikson Sundstrup


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Re: Mobile 4g hotspot almost works!
« Reply #1 on: 2014-09-13, 23:27:42 »
I also use 4g hotspot, you must remember to enable dmz for radiopart ip adress in the router

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