Author Topic: hardware problems for RRC1258?  (Read 1958 times)


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hardware problems for RRC1258?
« on: 2014-12-21, 17:16:46 »
suddenly my unit RRC1258, (sn 4377 server) with ip, no longer able to communicate with my radio icom 2820.
The other unit (receiver) has ip; on the web page "status" there are no errors related to TCP / IP, sip pass ... and more.
I think it's due to a TTL port hardware fault.
When I connect it all together in the speaker of the radio I hear a cyclical noise (TOC TOC) and the display will remain off.
Does anyone have any idea what can I check? Voltages, IC ... something?
I also have an oscilloscope.

Thank you for your help.


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Andrea IW1GAP