Author Topic: Fanmail : 5 years with Remoterig  (Read 4686 times)


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Fanmail : 5 years with Remoterig
« on: 2016-02-24, 11:35:03 »
Hi Remoterig team,

A short fanmail as I realized I have just passed 5 years of use with my Remoterig setup!

Due to strong interference I started remote'ing my equipment in Jan 2011.
First with a IC-703 followed by a IC-R1500, TS-480SAT and now a IC-7100 with 2 client RRCs & front panels. All are equipped with Wifi boards. I even have a spare radio RRC "just in case" or for a future second setup.

I recently added the RRC Nano App to this system, so the IC7100 is always accessible from phone or tablet.

The RRC boxes have become the core of my remote setup. It is the only device that is always powered and with the IO ports I switch power to antenna switches and a remote PC/SDR receiving setup. The RRC has a nice low current consumption and just refuses to go offline ;-)

With some occasional small trouble (never caused by the RRC system itself but its surrounding IT) it has proven to be ultra reliable and above all ultra enjoyable! I have always been amazed by Remoterigs "real time" feel. As if the system isn't there and you're just using the radio.

All in all it has been a superb solution to escape from the ever increasing urban QRM levels.
It virtually gave me back this hobby.

Therefore; Thanks to all people involved in making Remoterig possible.
On to the next 5 years.



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Re: Fanmail : 5 years with Remoterig
« Reply #1 on: 2016-02-24, 12:19:05 »

Nice to hear that you are happy with the system

73 de mike


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Re: Fanmail : 5 years with Remoterig
« Reply #2 on: 2016-08-30, 23:53:03 »

I also have to compliment you and your staff on a superbly reliable system. My two systems have been in operation for four years and no problems what so ever. I use the CradlePoint modem/router at my remote ranch setup and it works all the time, without failing. I turn on the K3/0 power button at home and the remote system comes up with a  K3 and SPE 2K running 1500 watts. Rotate the tower with RC 1216 and get superb quality CW reports (except for my fist). I have even operated several CW contest from home with no problems. My only recommendation to you and your staff is make the Instructions easier to read. Sometime, the translation of the English ends up in instructions that are difficult to understand and result in a steep learning curve.

Nizar K0NM