Author Topic: after changing the Router I can't switch ON the TS-480 with the control panel  (Read 6006 times)


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I got a new VDSL router (AVM Fritz!Box 7490) today. Now I have a problem switching ON the remote TS-480 from the Control Panel.
After pressing the ON button at the panel I hear only the "three tone". The LED on the LAN connector at the front side flickers.
Internet works. The RemoteRig Control Box is conecting. I can configure the Control Box via the Web Browser. No problem.
I can also use my Remoterig Android App and can control the Transceiver with it. I can switch ON the Remote Power Amplifier
and Rotator. No problem at all, but I can't switch on the TRX via the TS-480 panel.

Any help or idea?


Andy, DL5CW


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I have had to turn the Fritz!Box's firewall off to make it work in some installations, so try that. You really
don't need it if you are using NAT (DCHP) and if the PC's have personal firewalls. I am not sure why some
of the Fritz!Boxes work with and some not, just one of the mysteries in life.

Let me know if that solved the problem. If not, we can go to Plan B.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX